A Balanced Lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle is just like a diet. As much as we would all like that balance to be perfect, its hard to work to perfect and can feel impossible to achieve.

But there is hope, just like a diet! It just takes a little give and take, and nit-picking to find what works for you.

Here’s how you can create the ultimate balance without making drastic changes!

Switch off your phone

Where necessary of course. You may be lucky and have a separate personal and work phone. But, like me, you may not have that luxury. Had a long week at work and not feeling being pestered by your colleagues? Switch it off. If you can’t do that physically, mentally switch off. You are entitled to a break.

This doesn’t just apply to work life. Switch your phone off in the evenings to let your mind relax. Whilst scrolling through social media may not seem to take too much concentration, it can certainly keep you awake. Switch of devices a couple of hours before bed to get a better nights sleep.

Social media doesn’t count

Most of us would be reluctant to admit that time with our friends on a personal, one to one level has probably dropped. It may be due to busy lifestyles, work schedules or it just isn’t viable.

It’s worth considering if social media is taking its toll. It’s so easy to keep up to date with what each other is doing, without even asking. Stepping back from social media, not sharing everything, and reaching out to friends will result in more social interactions face to face. We are social beings, and interacting in real time can make a huge impact and difference to you balanced lifestyle.