Beauty | A perfect Skincare Range*

A couple of months ago, I shared with you some first impressions on the beautiful Botanics products and how I was finding them. Several months on, and copious amounts of products later, I thought I’d share you some of my further thoughts on how I am and my skin is coping with this new found routine.

Previously I never really looked after my skin, and the only kind of products I used were in the way of make-up and some prescribed spot cream to try and keep blackheads and nasty spots at bay.

Yet, since I have started to use and create a skincare routine with Botanics, I have come to love applying products and looking after my skin.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising are all daily occurrences and I have felt a complete change in my skin, and how I feel with a bare face.
I know there are a fair few of us that can really struggle to control our skin and often feel there is nothing out there that can help. However, I am here telling you, all is not lost!!

Here’s the products I have been using from the Botanics collection, and bloody ‘ell are they good!!

Purifying Face Scrub | I use this face scrub every evening in the shower and honestly it is a bloody godsend. I have never used a product that has left my skin feeling so refreshed and clear. This alone is my fav product and I wouldn’t be without it!

Micellar Cleansing Solution | This is another product I use every day, mostly every morning and if I’m feeling generous, in the evening too!! Swiping across my skin, it makes it feel fresh in the morning, and takes away any dirt from the day in the evening. It’s a new staple in my skin routine.

All Bright Balancing Cream | This literally makes my skin glow! I have never had a cream that has left my skin feeling and lookin vibrant! In the colder weather, I have needed to use moisturiser prior, but it always leaves my skin feeling and look fresh and healthy!

All Bright Day Cream | I have always had a love hate with moisturiser, yet this day cream seems to give everything my skin needs, without being too heavy duty on my skin. It’s notorious to be picky yet Botanics goes down a storm.

Honestly, I have NEVER felt better in my own skin!! I am happy and proud to wear my face bare. Not only that, but my god does it make it easier to get up and go to work on time in the morning. No worry for make-up nor foundation that neither matches or wears for the whole day.

Have you ever tried Botanics? 
Let me know and comment below!