Crushing your bad beauty habits

We all have those bad beauty habits we just want to break, and yet can’t find a way to completely obliterate them. I have had many new years resolutions that I broke within days because honestly, I didn’t know how to tackle and manage my habit effectively. In a bid to make a drastic change to my lifestyle in 2018, I am going to crack a fair few bad beauty habits, and I have armed myself on how to do it properly!

Here’s the bad beauty habits I hope to crush this year, and how I propose I will do it. Hopefully, they can spur you to either embark on the same, or similar habits in 2018.

Nail Nibbles |

My Fiancée and myself included HATE that I nibble and chew on my nails. For a short while, I did have gorgeous, rather long nails. It didn’t last too long, as colder weather made them brittle and before long, I didn’t have many left.

In bid to make sure I have gorgeous, long natural nails for our wedding in July, I have started to apply fake nails from none other than Primark to cover my existing nails. They’re super inexpensive, come in many shapes, sizes and shades. Be sure to check out the range and consider using them to crush you nail biting once and for all.

Bare it all | 

Need I tell you how much make-up can effect your skin. Wearing too much for too long can clog pores and in turn lead to troublesome, spot prone complexion. If you want to clear your’s up, there is no better place to start that cutting back on the make-up you use. Whilst it may seem a little scary at first, once you have a healthy cycle, you’ll be wearing next to no make-up in no time.

Start a positive facial routine with toners, moisturisers and balms to kick start your bare skin looking flawless!

If you want to know the skincare products that have given me the confidence to bare it all, click here.

Taking it all off |

It would be lovely to think you may never wear make-up again if all goes well with the above. Buttt, chances are you will, especially on special occassions! So when you do decide to do your face, it’s really important to take it all off at the end of the day, to make sure it doesn’t make a negative effect on your skin.

Using products like micellar water and toner are not only easy to use, but can apply some much needed TLC to a striped face.

Overwashing the locks | 

Yes, washing your hair too much can damage it just as much as using curling tongs, straightners and other heated hair tools. Over washing strips your hair of its natural oils which defends it from the sun, general weathering and you guessed it, split ends and breakage. It’s recommended, to keep your hair real healthy, to wash our hair just once a week.

Of course, you have to ween your hair to that stage, but it is doable, if you know how. Hair styles and nifty hair products can help pro-long the time inbetween washes and overall keep your hair healthy.

Heat damage | 

Hand in hand with the previous point is heat damage to your hair. We all like to vary our hair styles, and with that comes the use of heat tools like straightners and curlers. Over using can obviously cause damage and breakage to your hair, and in extreme cases, can result in loosing the length of your hair.

To combat against heat, be sure to use heat defencing products and leave in conditioners to repair and repel against damage.

Dry , tired skin |

Whilst some of us do keep our skin prim and proper, there are some of us that just don’t take as much care as we could to our skin. Exfoliating, moisturising and relaxing can all have a positive effect on your skin in general.

Taking long baths, applying body oils and creams can all help rejivenate and increase the look of your skin.

What bad beauty habits do you want to kick ?

Are you going to do any of these?

Let me know and comment below!