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Picking furniture for your living room is kinda big deal! You live in your lounge more than anywhere, meaning it needs to have everything you should need. Comfort and durability above all else is what matters. Of course you want it to look in style keeping up with the rest of your home, but ultimately be long wearing. Introducing Faux Leather. Well not that you’ve never heard of it before, but I digress.

Whether your lounge is your snug for binging on Netflix, you main socialising place, or the in-between area in a open space layout, having furniture that suits you and your space is key.

That’s why, when I was approached to take part in Fenetic Wellbeings #GoFaux Campaign I was so intrigued.

I have always struggled with back problems, and for the last few years I have been a strong advocate of comfortable furniture where you spend most of your time, and that includes your living room! How many of us really consider our backs and postures when we are picking our next sofa? Not many of us, I can tell you that!

Living room furniture like recliner chairs that can offer you comfort, durability, stability and support for your back is not only invaluable but vital.

And what’s amazing, you can certainly get all this in one chair or sofa for sure. But what should you consider when you are looking for your next living room sofa? Faux leather for sure, and here’s why!

Comfort | Whilst it can be cold on your bum in the winter, Faux leather is much more comfortable, especially when comparing it to fabric furniture.  You’ll completely notice the difference when switching!

Cleaner | It can be the worst feeling when you have a lovely new fabric sofa, and your bff pops round for a glass of red and spills a little. Yep, and that stuff doesn’t come out easy! With faux leather, it’s sooo easy to clean, whatever the spillage. Perfect for little fingers too, faux leather can be wiped clean and look as good as new. More can be said for that fabric sofa you were contemplating.

General wear and tear | A faux leather sofa or chair is known for their durability! Whatever you get up to on yours, whether it be lounging and binging on Stranger things, or whether your little terrors are bouncing and clambering all over your furniture, a faux leather piece will always last the duration. Doesn’t matter how many spills and jumps it endures, it will still be there looking prim and proper.

Making a decision on your furniture for your living room can be tough. But going Faux leather should be the first decision you make when choosing your next furniture piece.

What do you have in your lounge?

Would you consider a faux leather piece?

Start some natter in the comment section below!

* This is a collaborative post with Fenetic Wellbeing.
Fenetic Wellbeing are a mobility company who specialise in products designed for your every need.