Healthy Living | Five things to KICK start you year!

With the New Year also comes the New Year’s resolutions ( which by the way, mine are posting tomorrow! ). But, as always, by the end of January most people, including me, simply don’t stick to them!

So, how can you make sure you stick to the resolution to be healthier this year? Well, there are a few things to consider, especially if you want to get fit and healthy in 2018!! 

Buy new gym clothes | Guess what? If you want to go to the gym and workout, you need the right gear. So, why not invest in quality gym clothes? Not only will it motivate you, but if you actually make an investment and spend, you are more likely to stick to it this year as well.

Get a membership | Don’t simply say you’ll buy new shoes and go for a walk each day, get a membership to a gym. And, make sure it is one you can’t cancel after a month. Buy a year’s subscription. When you can’t get a refund, and know you’ve paid for something, you are more likely to stick to it.

Choose the right meal/foods | Yes, we want to eat healthier and lose weight. But, chicken and broccoli is only going to remain fresh for so long. So, find healthy (but fun) foods. Choose foods you like. You can eat well and stick to it, as long as you like what you are doing. So, don’t do things/eat things you hate. Make sure you choose items you like, and will want to eat for more than just one week.

Have a friend | Whether it is your spouse, your kids, or a friend you’ve known for years, do it with them. When you workout with others, when you make a plan with others, and when you commit to others, you’re more likely to stick to it. If you are accountable to others (not just yourself) you are less likely to disappoint or let them down.

Do what you like | This not only goes for food but also the gym/workout. If you can’t stand biking, why would you do it each day? Make sure you do things you enjoy. You can make health/fitness fun and enjoyable, and reach your goals. So, do this, rather than something you hate, to stay on track.

When it comes to health, fitness, and New Year’s Resolutions, you don’t have to quit like you’ve done in year’s past. This year you can stay on track and follow your resolution for more than a few weeks. If you are interested in purchasing some equipment for your home then I would recommend looking at a few review sites before purchasing anything. One example of a site you can use is Product Scorer, who provide reviews and product scoring to all sorts of items!

If you want to catch my 2018 goals and ambitions, you can do just here! 

What are your New Year resolutions? 

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to stick to theirs? 

Why not start some natter in the comment section below! 

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