January Cohorted Box*

January Cohorted Box*

The Cohorted Box is something I have had the privilege of receiving a couple of times, and you know what, it certainly lifts my mood!! Just the other day when I came home from a shoddy day at work and was greeted with this gorgeous box on my dining table, my entire mood, and day was lifted from the shadow of crap. Serious joy I felt, and as always anxious to crack it open and see what it contained.

Since January is a month we are all craving a detox in every way possible, I was thrilled to learn the January box was packed with skincare goodies to treat your skin. Whilst I am a lover of make-up, I do love treating my skin to the best products possible. And thanks to Cohorted, Jan was a good kick start. I was stunned with some of the products and have been absolutely loving some of the gorgeous products I was surprised with.

Marc Jacobs Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist |

Firstly I was megaaaa excited to receive my first ever Marc Jacobs product! Secondly, I am a true lover of setting mists since discovering the MAC Fix+ a couple of years ago. But when my student budget wouldn’t stretch that far, cheaper alternatives had to suffice. So you can imagine the joy to be given a free sample bottle of the Marc Jacobs. Especially since it had a stunning scent of Coconut, and promised to not only set my face, but hydrate it too!

Overall I am super impressed. It gave me a gorgeous glow, and my make-up stayed put throughout the night. The scent was really refreshing and the mist was fine upon application. Unlike some setting mists, it didn’t leave me feeling wet on my face. Thank you Cohorted for opening my eyes to another fantastic product!!

Reviving Body Ritual Set by Urban Veda |

Who doesn’t love a mini set of products that are a handy size for taking on holiday? Exactlyyyy, and I will be completely honest I haven’t cracked these open justtt yet. My honeymoon is looming and honestly, since doing some research because again, they were products I knew nothing about, I am sooo glad I am saving them.

Promising to hydrate and nourish your skin, the trio will hopefully put some life into my skin after a busy wedding day, long travelling time, and some much needed sunshine. I did do a little sniff test however, and they smell divine. I will be sure to update you on how I find these in a couple of months time!! 

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Ceramic Slip Cleanser by Sunday Riley |

This is another brand and product I have never heard of, (bows head in shame). But I am aware there are some super fans out there of this product! So once I did a little google search I was super keen to give this product a go! Being a clay cleanser for normal to oily skin that will helps tighten pores, it felt like someone had made a product purely tailored to my skin and it’s imperfections!

It’s a beautiful product to apply, and honestly leaves my skin feeling and look superb. Being a sample size product, I was was a little worried on how long it would last, but It seems it goes a long way!! Super stoked to have found a product that I can totally see myself buying in full size!!

Anti-Ageing Charcoal Pore Peel Mask by Skin Chemists |

Once again a completely alien brand and product to me. And a product that seemed to do much of the same work as the Ceramic Slip cleanser. It aims to cleanse and minimize the look of pores, as well as remove excess oil and buff away dead skin cells. All sounds like the kind of treatment I need to my skin on a daily basis. What appealed to me the most was the fact is was a peel mask. There is something utterly satisfying about peeling off a mask and takes me back to my childhood of coating my hands in PVA to just peel off.

That aside, it certainly left my skin feeling clean, firm and refreshed after use. But other than that, there wasn’t much more to shout about. I have only used it once, and I feel after a couple more uses I may see some better results.

Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream |

Honestly I wasn’t jumping for joy on this one. I have lots of day creams that I already apply, and whilst I understand it’s vital to look after your skin before those wrinkles arrive, I’m still not accepting to using wrinkle cream as a 24 year old. Maybe I’ll keep this one till the timing is right, or I actually accept my age!

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The mask with Centella Honey fermented serum by Wish Formula |

The final product featured in this months box is one I couldn’t find online anywhere!!! This is another product I am yet to use, but pretty intrigued. I love the idea of real natural ingredients on my skin, so one which contains peppermint and honey is a winner in my eyes!

Once again I am really really impressed with the products that have been provided in this months Cohorted box!!! I love that it has incorporated skincare at the start of the new year and is really refreshing to sample products and brands that I wouldn’t have considered purchasing without giving them a trial run before hand.

You really get true value when your box is £35 with a value exceeding £100!!

Have you tried any of these products ? 

Are you considering grabbing yourself a Cohorted box? 

Let me know in the comment section below!! 

Charlotte x

* These products were kindly sent to me for PR purposes. All opinions are my own.