Lifestyle | Twenty Eighteen Targets

We have fully indulged into 2018. What madness Christmas was!! Since my adventure with blogging started just over 2 years ago, I have met some amazing people and been given opportunities with fantastic brands. After finishing university, my blog has become the place I can express myself through my passion of writing. With my passion every growing and feeling like I am in full blog stride, I have made 2018 the year to make it a blogging one. And by a blogging one, I mean have plenty of blogging targets to focus on throughout 2018.

I have really grown into my space and take real pride in my website.

Since relaunching just a couple of days ago as Charlotte Nichole, I have had such positive feedback and mountains of support! If you haven’t caught up on my latest posts, check this one out for all the low down on what’s been going on and why!

With that in mind, and my ambition and drive for my blog, I’ve clustered together my targets for 2018, personal and professional!

Grow my blog | 

I am soo happy with where I am going with my blog! I have grown so much over the last year and have really focused on my planning, prepping and scheduling of my content.
I have been rolling in ideas and upcoming content for the coming days, weeks and even months! Over the next 12 months, I hope my blog continues to grow in following, content and presence.

Hone in on my photography | 

Last year I really didn’t use the tools I had available to create the pictures my posts deserved. I have a superb camera to use, and in the latter part of 2017, I started to actually play around and use it, albeit in the worst light of winter.
Whilst it can be tiresome to create the ‘perfect’ flatlay, it’s so satisfying sitting back at the post as a whole and having real pride in it. I hope over the next 12 months of more experimenting, to really hone in on my photography.

Become Healthy | 

Unfortunately there isn’t a how to guide nor check-list on how to become completely healthy.
I defiantly googled and searched the web for such book. We all know the main logistics and components needed to become healthier in every way possible. Exercise, veg, fruit, water. It’s all there, yet I have been utterly terrible and actually applying any of these to my own life. Whilst I do want to loose a little flab before my wedding, I want to become overall healthier, fitter and more comfortable in my body.

Be A Wife |

I am becoming a wife this year! Scarily, this includes having a wedding! And a honeymoon!! As you can imagine, I am so excited to have a spectacular day with friends, family and of course my soon to be husband. And to top it off, we are heading off on an amazing honeymoon to celebrate. Just six months and we can start our life as Husband and Wife!

Simpler Living | 

This is a bucket list point that I will be expanding on, since it’s something all of us could do to a certain extent. I really want to be living a simpler life in 2018. We can all get so consumed in social media and materialistic objects, we forget the real important things.

Whilst I love to get out and about, experience new things, and purchase new things, I really want to lose myself a little bit. Stop relying on social media to keep up to date. Stop being drawn in to buying the new gadgets, and do things for me. I plan to utilise social media for my blog, and stand back from false advertisement of ‘perfect lifestyles’.

For now, that’s all the goals I have given myself this year. I really want to try and focus on the real important bits, and sit back and enjoy the roller-coaster that will be this year.

I hope I don’t annoy you all senseless with the upcoming lifestyle updates and sure to be moans and stresses of Wedding planning.

What are your goals and targets for 2018? 

Anything you would like to see from me? 

Let me know in the comment section below!!