Don’t let a Car drive away with your student budget

Don’t let a Car drive away with your student budget
Money is a top priority for most students. After all, we’re putting our earning potential on hold, while also getting ourselves into a fair amount of debt. And for those who aren’t lucky enough to secure student digs have to worry about rent and bills. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

On top of which, those of us living outside of the uni vicinity have to find ways to  budget for travel. No matter what way you look at it, commuting each day is going to cost. And, with train prices just having experienced  the largest rise in 5 years this issue is on many of our minds. At this rate, public transport will be off the cards.

Which leaves many of us considering whether it’s worth investing in a car during our uni days. For many, this would be an instant no-go. There’s the upfront cost for one, as well as petrol prices and insurance. It all adds up. But, when you consider how much you’d spend on public transport in a year, those expenses may not seem so steep. On top of which, there are ways to ensure your car pays off.

Sell spots in your car 

You can guarantee that you aren’t the only one who’s facing the transport dilemma. Students across the country face much the same issues. And, you can use that to your advantage by offering lifts to those who live in your local area. This is ideal, as it doesn’t involve going anywhere you wouldn’t be heading already. But, it is a fantastic way to pay for your insurance and petrol. Ask around people in your class, and see if you can come to a regular arrangement. Take three others with you each day, and you’ll soon find your petrol and such paying for itself.

Keep it in top shape 

Another significant cost drivers have to consider is the yearly MOT. If there are a few things wrong with your vehicle when this comes around, it’ll cost you. It’s far from ideal. To make sure it doesn’t happen, keep on top of any small niggles before they become serious. Stock up on some basic tools at sites like, and do regular checks and improvements. With a bit of luck, this will keep your car ticking over smoothly from one year to the next.

Always shop around for petrol

Never underestimate how much petrol prices vary from store to store. Standalone petrol stations are the worst for this. But, even among supermarkets, there are some substantial differences.Instead of just stopping at the nearest petrol station to you, head to sites like and find your cheapest local. The differences may seem insignificant, but when you’re topping up large amounts on a regular basis, they can make a big difference. So, never merely settle. Be smart about where you buy, and keep a close eye on any price changes.

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