Lifestyle | Going on a date? HEREs your prep!

Lifestyle | Going on a date? HEREs your prep!

Going on a first date is one of the scariest times ever. Heck, I haven’t been on many myself, nor have I been on one in a ruddy long time…. but I can remember the feelings. You just can’t help but get the butterflies and go all nervous. You need some date prep!

Even if it isn’t a first date, there always seems to be an air of anticipation floating around, especially if you’re going somewhere really nice!

All you really wanna do is impress the person you’re going with, and so looking sassy and glam is mega important.

But first dates are just a whole another level of worry. Every possible outcome of the night will go through your head, and you’ll often find yourself prepping throughout the day to make sure you look and feel perfect! Unfortunately for us, guys just jump in the shower and do their hair 30 minutes before they leave! Pfft!

So, to get you on track for a cracking First date, or even second and third, I’ve got you covered on what to expect, what to wear and what make-up look to go for!

Where Are You Going? | This plays a bigger role in the outcome of the evening than you think. Is he taking you for a casual round of bowling and some food from your average restaurant? Then you probably don’t need to worry too much about what you’re actually wearing. Plus, you’re bound to have fun, a giggle and be much more energetic! 

But what if you’re going somewhere a bit more upmarket? Don’t panic…this will give you the perfect opportunity to get to know them over a bowl of mussels and some lovely wine. 

Beauty | We all have a set beauty routine that we like to stick to, but when it comes to a date night this goes up in the air. You want to go as glam as possible, without actually looking too over the top! 

Aside from the make-up, you need to pick out the perfect scent for the evening. Men say that it’s the smell that attracts them to a girl first, so it’s real important to get this right!  So pick out your best one from your collection, or even treat yourself to a new one. How long does perfume last? Well, it all depends on the brand and the type you get. And since you want to be smelling sultry all evening, be sure to do your research on your chosen scent! 

In terms of your make up look, you want to keep it as natural as possible. Get you skin prepped with primer and moisturiser, and then apply a light layer or two of foundation. Finish with a light application of powder to take away the shine. For your eyebrows, keep it simple and along the line of your brow. Anything more can be a little too much! Finish your look with some highlighter above the cheekbones and a little dab on the end of your nose. Complete your whole look with some subtle and natural lashes.

What To Wear | What you should wear can often cause you more distress than any other part of dating. It’s trying to strike the perfect balance between sass and class, without showing too much off, yet not looking like a middle aged mother! The best piece of advice I can give you on this one is try and ask. Ask your pals for some advice, but make sure you feel comfortable. Whether its a pair of jeans and a dressy top, or a flowy black midi dress to show off some skin, but not too much. 

If you need some date ideas on where to go or what to do for FREE, check out this post!

What do you wear for a first date? 

Any advice for those who are heading off to one? 

Lemme know in the comment section below! 

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