A New Homeowner Gift Guide

With many of my friends and family members flying the nest or becoming new home owners, I have been invited to a fair few house warming parties. And of course, with any new venture, comes a present in one form or another. The trouble, as always, is to not get a typical present with a high risk of someone else having already gifted, and thinking a little out of the box.

Personalised Print in a frame |

I love this idea and was a present we were kindly gifted when we moved into our first home 2 years ago. The gorgeous picture wouldn’t have cost the earth, but the sentiment was sooo thoughtful, it’s by far the most valuable! There are lots of on-line Etsy accounts that can help with gorgeous prints and illustrated pictures that you can give to that new home owner.

Netflix Subscription |

This could be the best gift you ever give because come on, what is seriously better than Netflix?

Other than the accompanying Ben & Jerrys! EXACTLY! Give the gift that keeps on giving and pay their Netflix subscription, even if it’s just for one month! They will surely love you for sure!

A house-plant |

This is really special for those couples thinking of having children. As the saying goes, keeping a plant alive gets you ready for a baby.¬†Doesn’t completely make sense but you know what I’m getting at.

Aside from that, a house plant is a great addition to any home, especially a new one that might be lacking slightly in colour and nature.

Personalised Key Rings |

I love a good personalised gift. But if you’re not feeling something that may or may not be received too well, like the print I previously mentioned, there are still plenty of ideas out there for personalised heart warming gifts. With new keys, new key rings are obviously needed, so why not nab some personal key rings for the new home owners.

Kitchenware |

You really can’t go wrong with kitchen ware, in any shape or form. Whether it be a set of IKEA plates, a cluster of mugs, or some cute matching Tea, Coffee and Sugar pots, those little added home extras not only add a touch of personality to the place, but are mega exciting when you have just brought your new home!

There are lots of personal kitchenware options too!

Home-ware Vouchers |

If you want to get something for the home and not 100% what they like, the vibe their going for, or what they need, you cannot go wrong with a home-ware gift card. The likes of Ikea, Argos or even supermarkets like Tesco, all offer great home wares new home owners are bound to enjoy.

What gifts would you buy a new home owner?

Any more gift guides you’d like to see?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Charlotte x