Achieving Organic Blog Growth

It can be damn hard in the current climate for organic blog growth. The instagram algorithm, Twitter follow, un follow warriors and now youtube’s pact against smaller creatives. Organic blog growth can seem near impossible.

Against all odds, it can be achieved!!

I’ve often said in many of my blogging posts that I am in no way, shape or form, the perfect model of a blogger. I do not have thousands upon thousands of followers. And I’ve only just started to take my blog photography seriously ( which I should have bloody ages ago ).

As always, you’ve got to start somewhere and trust me everyone starts at the bottom.

I’ve been blogging for a little over 4 years. It started off as a ‘necessity’ as being a hopeful journalism graduate, many universities wanted to see a blog and some kind of writing skill. And from there, I just got the bug. The ultimate bug that pretty much turned me off wanting to work at a newspaper.

I could write when I wanted, and what I wanted. No one to tell me otherwise, and I was finding that some people actually wanted to read what I had to say. Bloody marvellous!
Scroll forward 4 years, and I have changed shape and form as a blogger, and been through numerous websites, all the whilst adapting with age and maturity into the blogger I appear to be today.

I have never been more motivated and driven to succeed with my content, for no other reason alone than bloody loving it!

And all the whilst I have been going through my own blogging journey, I have learnt some pretty valuable lessons, some of which others would disagree on. So, here is my top tips if you want to grow as blogger, and create stand alone content, and a great following all organically!

Grab a brew, there is a few here!

Get Social |

First things first, you should already be on most of the social media websites. If not, hellooooo, you are missing a huge potential here!!

I would say the huge two would be Instagram and Twitter.

And despite the algorithm, Instagram is a great place to find and attract fellow bloggers. I will delve into this more further down, but photography in the blogging world is sooo powerful, in turn making instagram the goldmine!

Twitter is a great social media platform to not only promote your own content, but find others, and build a fantastic network of followers and bloggers. Lots of chats happen on Twitter, where if you work it properly, most of your readers and followers will stem from.

Be sure to dedicate time to scroll through both media platforms, like, retweet and comment on fellow bloggers posts. Organic blog growth can easily be achieved from social interactions on both Twitter and Instagram, so do not miss them out!

Do not be afraid to promote yourself | 

This was a hugeee deal breaker for me and something I didn’t do for a long time. DO NOT THINK JUST BY POSTING IT ONLINE YOU WILL GET VIEWS. Promotion is key!! Views are not everything, but since you spent sooo long creating your content, a little promotion will get it seen, heard and read!

There is a little worry among bloggers that too much self-promotion can damage you as a blogger and seem a little spammy. Nope. I have on average between 10 – 15 scheduled tweets a day for my content. And whilst that seems alot, in between my other social activity including likes, re-tweets and my usual ramblings, it just settles into my feed.

Schedule |

Leading on nicely from my previous point, be sure to schedule your content and social media. No-one has endless amount of time in the day to tweet and post at the exact time that is ideal to them. Heck, I forget to get my chicken out the freezer, let alone blogger duties. There are lots of on-line resources that can help you schedule tweets, posts and status’ to make sure you are keeping your followers and profiles up to date and current.

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Do not underestimate the power of photography |

And again, I was a fool to this until about a month ago!

How many of us click on content due to the picture?? Yeah, a lot.

And that works justtt the same with your content. Do not let the post you worked 3 hours on, be let down by the shoddy half arsed, ‘I’m tired’ picture that you took just so you could get the post up and live.

Whether you have a dab hand with photography, or not (me!), there are still ways you can post stunning photography without taking pictures yourself! Consider Free stock websites that have thousands of free to use pictures that are waiting to be teamed with your content. If you fancy a real go at photography, do not be put off by thinking you need a tonne of equipment. A phone camera, natural lighting and some props from around your home can look just as good, when done right!

Comment | 

Commenting on other blogs is not only a nice way to show a fellow blogger you appreciate their content. But it can work wonders to your own views. Commenting can widen your audience and make fellow bloggers aware of your content too! Beware commenting just to get links, views and bloggers onto your blog is completely obvious. Leave constructive feedback or genuine interest. Others will see through the fake comments and will reflect badly on you.

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Join Groups |

I have only just started this myself, but has been by far the best thing I have done. Joining blogger groups on Instagram or Facebook can not only get you in touch with fellow bloggers, but can get you some real opportunists with brands too.

Ask |

Never be afraid to ask in any shape of form. Whether it be on something you do not understand, want to start and need advice on or even whether it’s payment for a collaboration post. You never know unless you ask, and you could be surprised on the outcome!! Twitter polls are my best friend, and not only great engagement with your current followers, but gather re-tweets and momentum with other, new potential followers.

If you’re keen on achieving organic blog growth, I would highly recommend investing in some time on social media, and getting your content seen and heard wherever possible. I only wish content could be created and on it’s own make a impact!

What do you to gather more engagement? 

Have I missed something vital in my post? 

Let’s get a conversation started in the comment section below!! 

Charlotte x