Moving home – The real cost!


I’m not sure how many times, in the short 2 years me and my fiancée have been in our apartment, we have talked about moving home. Out of our 2 bed apartment and into a full blown house. And you know what, if we had a pound for every bloody time, we could have bought that house outright!

But one thing that holds me back from up sizing is the additional cost that not only moving brings, but owning a bigger home.
It’s sooo easy to get carried away when thinking of moving on or out from where you are.  But there are some of the things you must consider before making the leap. Sorry to be all mum, daisy damnper or literally piss on your fire, but honestly its worth considering before you set your heart on moving on or up the property ladder.

Bigger home means bigger bills |

And that means in every aspect. The more property you own, the more rooms and space you have to heat and power. Consider the rise in electricity, water and gas bills you will incur from having a larger property. Bear in mind the additional costs to other bills including house and content insurance, car insurance and of course your mortgage bills. If you are moving to a property with a bigger garden and / or driveway, also consider the additional costs for upkeep and general property maintenance.

Council tax is another key aspect to consider when moving to a bigger home. Be sure to check the council tax bands of any property you are viewing or considering. There is nothing worse than seeing a property, that in reality you cannot afford.

Alterations |

Consider the alterations you could be making to a property to make it work for you. Whether it’s general redecoration throughout, or the cost of a new kitchen / bathroom, there are additional costs to be had when purchasing a new home.

When viewing a potential property, or browsing the web for your next home, consider how much it will cost you to get it to the standard you are looking for, on top of the market price. Remember also, adding a new kitchen / bathroom isn’t always money well spent and will not always dramatically increase the market value. Major changes like layout and additional living spaces within a property will always add value. Kitchens and bathrooms are not always to the next buyers taste, and will be easily replaced, even if its brand new!

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Fees |

The dreaded fees that come with moving is enough to put anyone off, as well as make it completely unaffordable for many. There are 6 lots of fees you really need to consider when thinking of moving home.

These are :

Solicitors fee’s to sell your current property, and buy a new one.

Agents fee’s to sell your current property.

Stamp duty for the purchase of your new home.

Survey costs to have your new property looked at for structural problems including damp and subsidence. The cost can all depend on the survey you choose, but is always worth spending that bit more to have a full MOT on your potentially new home. You do not want any unwanted problems further down the line, that could have been flagged before you purchased the property.

Removal costs to move all your belongings from one property to the other.

And finally, mortgage fees that may come with finding and securing a new mortgage. Be aware, not all mortgages have fees, but many do and is worth considering when working out the cost of moving.

New furniture |

Of course, with a new new and bigger property comes new furniture. Even if you’re not moving to a bigger place, many of us will want a fresh start with some of our maybe outdated and tatty old pieces. It’s always best to budget in any new furniture you may need for added rooms or redecoration. You can always consider interest free credit, but it’s always nice to think its paid off from the beginning.

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Job Security |

This is something you should be considering when moving home for sure. You may have number crunched, and the reality is you can afford a new bigger, or better place. Right now you are in a full time position and have a rather hefty sum left at the end of the month, even after all current bills are paid. Hooray!

But, what happens if that full time position goes part time, say because you start a family? This is the number one thing to consider if you are currently living as two but will be a family in the coming years. Whilst salaries and in fact jobs can change, an additional member to the household, and a drop in income and hours can massively effect your affordability on that new property. With a newborn baby, the last thing you need is the added pressure and strain for a larger mortgage bill.

Consider what you and your partner are planning in the coming years, and if salaries and jobs were to remain the same, whether they would stretch to accommodate lesser hours but bigger bills.

Emotional Strain |

This isn’t a cost per say but something you have to account for when moving home. It is said moving is one of the most stressful things we will put ourselves through, and so should not be taken lightly. Is now the right time emotionally to move property? Will it apply added emotional strain for no real gain. Are you just being picky or wanting to move because you are bored? Remember sticking where you are for a couple years more can add value to your current property, and in turn result in being able to afford that place you desire.

Moving home isn’t something that should be taken lightly. And if it’s your first move after buying your first place, it can be rather daunting and stressful to even think about. Talk to family members, mortgage advisor and financial advisor for any further information in regard to moving and whether it’s a viable option for you.

Take your time with the process and do not rush into anything you are not 100% sure on. Purchasing a property is the biggest single investment you will make and you do not want to make a bad decision. There are plenty of options for young people and worth getting further information about including help to buy initiatives!

Remember, the only people that can make the right decision is yourselves, but do it for all of the right reasons!

Are you considering a move? 

Have you recently made your 2nd or maybe your 3rd move and have advice? 

Be sure to share your experiences in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x