New Year Car Care Goals*

Car care has never been more important, especially in the colder, wetter, winter months! There are so many things that can unfortunately go wrong with any car, whether it be a old or new model. Yet, there are some little checks we can do from the comfort of our own home, to make sure everything is running tickety boo. You don’t need to be a mechanic to follow this advice, so need to worry there. So to make sure you lower the risk of fault or damage, I’ve gathered the most vital bits and bobs to check on your car regularly, to keep your car up to scratch.

Regularly check your oil levels 

This is something you do not want to keep putting off. Low oil levels can considerably impact the health of your car, and if running without sufficient levels of oil, can permanently damage your engine. Checking your oil levels is incredibly easy and takes a couple of minutes. Getting oil is even easier and can often be found in large supermarkets too. Ideally, you will check your oil levels once a month.

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Keep an eye on your tyre pressure and tread 

Low tyre tread and pressure can be dangerous any time of year, let alone the icier and wetter months. Make sure your tyre pressure is sufficient front and rear, and make sure your tyre treads are legal. Both these factors give you the most grip and control over your car through the more trying weathers. If either or both are low on your car, you could run the risk of puncture, loss of control or blow out. It’s super easy to check your tread at home. You can check your tyre pressure at any filling station with a air pressure pump. They even stop when your tyre is at the ideal pressure level!

Lights and full beams working on both sides 

In the months of darker afternoon and nights, it has never been more important to have fully working lights on your car. Regularly check your lights and full beams are fully functioning throughout winter. Without them, you can cause serious danger for yourself and other drivers. It’s awful to drive in the dark as it is, let alone if your visibility is impaired due to insufficient lighting from your own lights.

Cracks or Chips in the windscreen 

Cracks and chips in your windscreen can worsen over the colder months. With colder months, small chips and cracks can in fact worsen. Whilst small chips can cause little to no problem, other than being ruddy annoying, large cracks and chips can cause impaired vision and risk of greater damage if involved in a accident. Keep a close eye on any cracks and chips you may have and do not hesitate in seeking professional advice if you’re not too sure.

Regularly service your car 

Servicing your car may seem a little expensive, but it is vital in ensuring your keeping your car in working order. Servicing includes the change of oil and break pads, which again are both essential components in the general running of your vehicle. Many garages and dealerships offer payment plans that will cover the cost of your yearly service. For car servicing try Ossett Tyre House in Wakefield area. 

Car care is an all round year affair and not something that should be taken lightly. Start 2018 off right by caring for your car the right way.

Do you have any other advice that should be included? 

Do you do any of these to make sure your car is running safely? 

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Charlotte x 
* This is a collaborative post with Ossett Tyre House. All opinions and views are my own.