Wedding | The finer details you may have forgot!

Everyone always thinks about the bigger details of a wedding such as the venue, the dress, the transport etc. But there are a few finer details that you need to consider if you’re going to make your wedding perfect.
We all have veryyyy different views about what a perfect wedding should be, which is fine. But, all weddings should include some things, all of which I have featured in this post. So if you’re wondering if you have covered all the bases you should, take notes and scroll below.

Who’s Going |

This is one of the biggest and earliest decisions you may have already made. Yet even in the latter stages of planning, it can majorly change. The easy part is knowing who you do want there, and deciding who isn’t going to quiet make it to the guest list, well that’s tough.
Chances are, you’re going to offend someone, especially if they know someone invited, and they well, aren’t! The first and only thing to remember when negotiating your guest list and numbers, is it is your wedding, and you need to make sure you’ve got the right people you want there to make sure you have a perfect day.
Once you’ve decided on numbers, you need to let them know, asap. There is nothing worse than wanting certain people there, who can’t make it as they didn’t get enough notice. Send out cards or little gifts that say to save the date for your wedding. It’s the easiest and most effective way to make sure your ‘A-list’ won’t forget, and you nor they won’t be disappointed. Be sure to do this as soon as you have a date confirmed!!

Where Will They Sit? |

Until it comes to planning your wedding, you won’t realise how hard it is to plan a seating arrangement. And the unfortunate thing is, there will be someone who has a problem with someone else. This will become ever so apparent when you’re trying to sit people next to each other. And since the last thing you want to do is cause an atmosphere on a day, it’s going to be so important to lower the risk of tension.
The best thing you can do is sit the people who you might not get along as far away as possible from each other. If you know there’s going to be a bit of bad blood in the air, it might be worth having a little word with both parties before the wedding to make sure nothing happens to spoil the day.

Bridal Party Accessories |

You probably know how you want your hair, nails, eyebrows and jewellery to wear with your dress, but what about your bridesmaids? What about your grooms-man’s cuff-links? These are little aspects that are always overlooked, and yet these finer details can make your bridal pop and keep in sync with you and your groom. Be sure to brainstorm hairstyles, make-up, nail colour and accessories with your bridesmaids early so you can prepare them as well as yourself for the big day.

Decoration Details |

Decorations span a hugeee space including the ceremony area, reception drinks, wedding breakfast seating and evening reception venue. You may be lucky (like me) and have all of this in one place, or have multiple areas to decorate. Whether its across multiple, or just one, it’s still a lot of location and venue to decorate for your wedding. Make sure you have considered your decoration not only for your guests to enjoy, but for the sake of your wedding pictures.
Consider flower arrangements that will be used in the background of pictures, and smaller details for the guests to enjoy on the tables, and whilst waiting for the ceremony.

The Music |

The DJ has the power to literally make or break a wedding. Some of them spend the night playing the most cheesiest songs all night, whilst others play completely random bits of music nobody has heard of. Make sure your DJ will create the perfect atmosphere for your day by choosing wisely. Consult a few different DJ’s before the wedding and make sure you find one you know is going to make your night special. Consider your possible music choices, and make sure before booking, your DJ can cater to this.
Remember there is lots of other music you need for your day too, including your aisle music, signing of the register music and walking out of the ceremony music too. These can often be overlooked, so make sure you have some ideas on what you’d like!
It is easy to miss such things when you’ve got a million and one things going through your mind, so be sure to look over some of these points and what you may need to sort pronto before it’s a little too late!
Is there any finer details you forgot?
Anything I have forgot off my checklist?
Let me know and comment below!
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