Beast from the East : Photo diary

We brits loveee talking all things weather, especially when it’s either out of the blue or completely uncommon. Just like snow! Thanks to the Beast from the East, which is a great name by the way, we have had a unusual amount of snow blanket the South and South East.

And that included me, for once! Since the weather was too bad to travel to work some 25 miles away, I experienced my first snow day in about 10 days. It sucked a little since others could make it to work. Buttt, I managed to have a wander round the nearby scenery that backs onto our apartment.

I’m so impressed with 1: the amount of snow we had and 2: the high quality of the iPhone 7+ camera and what it managed to capture whilst it was heavily snowing! So here are a couple of snaps that I would love to post all over Instagram but would just be a little excessive!


Forecasts suggest we are still in for some more flurries, threatening the roads and my ability to make it to work. Whilst snow can be a nightmare, I love how pretty it makes everything look. Here’s to the beast from the east and the last hurrah it has given many of us just before spring!

Did you get any snow? 

Have some pretty pics of your own? 

Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x