Bedroom storage to declutter your space

We all want that picture perfect, show home room. No mess, no clutter. Just a clean, blank space in which works. De-cluttering and creating bedroom storage that works for you can be pretty daunting.

What will look right? What will be cost effective? I don’t want to do too much work! I don’t want to spend too much money!

These are all the things we will use to combat a good step in the right direction to creating a de-cluttered, working bedroom.

Did you know, the less clutter present in your room, can effect how well you sleep? A positive, soft and warming environment within your bedroom can positively effect your sleeping pattern and comfort!

So whether you are fed up with your messy space, or want to optimise your bedroom quarters effectively, keep on reading. I have plenty of bedroom storage ideas that will not always break the bank, and make your bedroom look clean and crisp!

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Working with what you have |

I hate just chucking out anything that is still useful. Whilst it is lovely to buy brand, spanking new furniture, it can be much more satisfying to up-cycle or utilise what you have. Here’s some smart ways to use what you have and make it work better!

Under bed storage

We all have dead under bed space. Unless of course you have a high sleeper or bunk bed. But, if you have pretty average, standard bed, read on.

There are lots of variants of under bed storage that you can use, whatever bed frame you have. My favourite, if your bed doesn’t include storage, are plastic draws / boxes. They are super easy to use, and you can buy lots of different sizing depending on the height of your bed.

Places like Ikea, The Range and Dunelm Mill are places I always look for under bed storage.

Inner wardrobe compartments

Any wardrobe can be adapted and added to. More hanging space, built in draws and compartments, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of what you can do with yours.

Hanging clothes organisers that can be hung from your existing rail, can create multiple places to fold and store clothing. What’s better, they are pretty inexpensive and can be easily fastened and moved! As always, Ikea have a great range varying in sizes and colours! These two are my fav, and so cheap too! 1 & 2.

Storage cases & boxes can really help utilise those inner wardrobe shelves you already have. Chances are, you’re currently using them, but in a pretty messy and untidy manner. Make your wardrobe look tidier and more organised, with storage boxes. Storing winter jumpers, scarves and hats in this way can make it much easier to organise. Folding jumpers into a small bundle can be tough, so a pull out box where they can be stuffed in works much better!

Draw organisation

If used well, draws can house multiple items from clothing, knick knacks and even your knickers. And yes, that can all happen in one single draw. Use inner draw compartment and storage solutions to optimise the storage potential of your draws. Ikea do some fantastic inner draw compartments of all sizes that can hold all sorts.

If you fancy being a little DIY, use shoes boxes and decorate with wrapping paper. Or you could even purchase some gift boxes, and use them within your draws.

In my vanity storage unit, I have used gift boxes to store my make-up. It’s made it sooo much easier to organise and store my draws according to the product.


There is nothing more pleasing that a shelf that not only looks pretty, but houses those books and magazines that used to be on the floor. Shelves in your bedroom can change not only the decoration, but help you create a home for some of your personal items.

Sleek, simple shelves can not only be easily found, but pretty cheap too!! A one of shelf, or a couple will easily help you store books, dvds and even cosmetics like perfume.

You can even use small storage boxes for the tiny knick knacks.

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Buying new |

If you’re wanting a complete overhaul with your furniture, I can help you there too!! There are several things to consider when purchasing new bedroom furniture, including how it can work in your space. Here’s a couple of things to consider when buying new bedroom storage furniture for your room.

Look up

The less floor space you can take up with bedroom storage the better. So if you can, always buy tall furniture. Whilst it may seem impractical, high storage gives you ample space to store those add bits that are not too often needed like suitcases, holiday clothing, and flip flops. There are lots of places that offer the ability for taller, narrower furniture, so it’s worth hunting.

Always bear in mind the ceiling clearance that is needed when building the furniture, as too tall and you won’t be able to stand it up!

Design your own

The best way to get the most out of new furniture is to tailor it for your room and needs. Where possible, always look to personalise your furniture. Built in and self assembly wardrobes can often be tailored to include extra storage. Always consider this option, as it gives you the opportunity to include draws, extra hanging rails, shelving and more.

Once again, I would highly recommend Ikea. We bought a stunning, extra tall wardrobe that we were able to customise completely and include extra storage, other than hanging rails. It wasn’t too expensive either. I will always be heading to Ikea for my wardrobes!

Make it multi-functional

Whatever furniture you purchase, it should always be 1 : the long term and 2 : be multi-functional and usable in other spaces. Especially bedroom furniture. Always look for furniture that is simplistic, good size and durable. Chest of draws do not just have to be for clothing. They can be used across the home to store DVD’s, knick knacks, laundry and more. Bear this in mind before you chuck anything away. Or rush to buy new.

So whether you want to buy new bedroom storage or up scale and better organise your current, I hopefully have covered everything in this one post.

Being organised in your home can truly feel liberating. And whilst you do not spend all your time in your bedroom, it’s one of the places in your home that can quickly become cluttered and messy.

Are you looking to de-clutter you bedroom? 

Do you have any tips that should be added to this post? 

As always, start some natter in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x