FREE Valentines Day Date Night Ideas

FREE Valentines Day Date Night Ideas

It was a good couple of months ago that I posted some FREE date night ideas for you and your boo, and thankfully the post and my ideas went down a storm!!

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With Valentines Day looming, and many of us scrambling with ideas on what to, I thought I’d do another post. Whether it’s a first date you’re going on, or a romantic evening you’re dedicating to your long-term partner, I have you covered on virtually free activities to consider this Valentines Day Date Night.

Date Night Picnic

My lovely fiancée did this for me a couple of years ago and involved a picnic basket, cushions, a blanket and a meal deal. Whilst it may not sound too Romeo and Juliet, he took me too our new home we had recently completed on and it was a complete surprise. It involved little to no effort granted, but it was a super thoughtful and a romantic idea! Why not take your date to somewhere rural, or even to yours for a sit down round a picnic basket. Fill it luxurious snacks, some wine and small talk. It can be a lovely change from the drone of a restaurant or your usual dining table.

A home cooked meal

This is nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal by candle light. And what’s better, you can make whatever you fancy. Whether you opt for a nice Mexican, classic Italian or fancy a home-made curry, the possibilities are endless. And what’s better, you don’t have to make it too complicated!

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Board Game competition

If like me and my fiancée you like a bit of competition, why not bring it to light on Valentines. Grab a bottle of wine, stick on some music and play your favourite board game together. Not only is it something for just the two of you, but it gives you time away from screens, social media and others.

Why not raise the stakes with the loser giving a massage?

At home pamper

It may not seem soooo masculine, but I’m pretty sure after some pampering and feeling super soft skin of his own, he will be ruddy glad you suggested this one. Grab some much needed relaxation after a hard day at work on Valentines day. Make sure you have some face masks, candles and soothing music to hand, and truly unwind after dinner.

Not only will you have looked after, pampered skin. But it gives you both the chance to relax and natter together. Without any Fifa, movie or work to distract you!

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Movie night

If all else fails, and you don’t fancy going out and experiencing any one else this valentines, grab some movies and snuggle down. This can be the perfect occupant to the home-cooked meal or even date night picnic. If you don’t fancy a movie, why not binge on a series or two neither have watched. I would personally recommend ‘End of the f**king world ‘ as a series which is both hilarious yet gripping.

Late night walk

In this fresh, rather crisp weather we all seem to be enduring, it may seem pretty crazy to venture on a walk. But needs must when you neither want to spend too much cash, but need to get off the sofa and out the house. Walk off that home-made cooked dinner and venture out. Even if it is round the block. I promise you, you both will open up and will be the much needed stretch your legs needed!

What are your plans this V-Day? 

Any ideas that should be on my list? 

Let me know in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x