Health checks to make regularly

We know how busy we all our. Rushed off our feet at work. Juggling a social and home life. As well as trying to find some time for ourselves. Busy bees are we! So it’s no wonder some of us, if not many, do not make personal and pretty vital health checks a regular occurrence. Or at least, as regular as they should be!

I will be completely honest and openly admit that I for one am TERRIBLE at booking, attending and considering some of my health checks. But I have been a mega adult as of late, and booked much needed MOT’s. I know I am not going to be the only one, and only wish I had a kick up the bum a little earlier.

So to give you the real nudge you need, here are the health checks you can’t afford to miss. And handily, I have even told you how often you should be attending your check ups!

You can thank me later!!

Eye Test

Whilst you may not think you have any problems with your eye sight, you really should have your eyes tested every 2 years! Regular eye tests can detect underlying health problems, as well as changes however small, in your vision. If you drive, spend lots of time looking at screens, or even suffer from fairy frequent headaches, and haven’t been for a eye test in the last 2 years, be sure to book one soon.

Eye tests can be conducted for FREE at Tesco stores UK wide. If you haven’t got one close by, Vision Express offer eye tests at just £10!

Dental Check

This is a little trickier to determine, but depending on your oral health, you should visit the dentist between 1 – 4 times a year. Problems with your teeth can result in long term suffering and being left untreated can make them much more difficult to treat later on.

Dental check-ups need last long, but will cover the general health of your teeth and gums, and will often lead to advice on your dental care.

Smear test

It’s something that many of us are aware of, thanks to a shed tonne of awareness. And despite me not being of age to have one just yet, I am fully aware of the importance and will be booking my first one come November!

If for whatever reason you haven’t gone for yours yet, always consider the positives that could come from having yours. Like peace of mind.

General health check-up

Did you know, all adults are entitled to a general health check-up with their GP, if they have not seen their doctor in the last 3 years! Such check ups can include questions regarding family medical history, height and weight measurements, blood pressure check, cholesterol and blood sugar tests, and prostate and testicular examination. The doctor may also look at your eyes, ears and throat. And if you’re a smoker, they may perform a chest X-ray.

Any adult can ask to have a general health check, especially if they are concerned. It can be well worth a ask to put your mind at peace.

So whether you just don’t have time, or struggle to motivate yourself to go and get looked over, consider all the positives that come with being looked at.

Most of the time, like with everything, the thought of it is usually much worse.

Do you go for regular check ups?

Do you have anxiety regarding check-ups?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Charlotte x