The REAL value of a Degree

Just last night on my way to work, I heard someone in government claiming that university is not worth the thousands of pounds worth of debt students gain from receiving and achieving a degree. And like usual, I would have loved someone to have heard my response. Because frankly, in my eyes, the statement hit the nail on the head!!

Of course, university bosses argued it is worth the cash. But that was a given considering they’re bagging nearly £9,000 a year from each student for putting on shit excuses of lectures, and lecturers not turning up because of a cold.

I have been a graduate for a little over 2 years now. And in those 2 years of being out in the ‘real world’ I have truly learnt the value of my degree. Jack Shit. Literally!

Every potential job interview mildly related to my degree resulted in a rejection and a side note of ‘more experience needed‘. And other job interviews for those neither relevant or related to my chosen degree resulted in a real grilling as to why I was applying for said job, because why the hell am I not going into Journalism?

It was, and continues to be flipping exhausting.

3 years of arguable hard work and dedication resulted in either a low paid job I could’ve applied for post college. Or a unpaid intern-ship in a last attempt for some experience, because you know, a degree alone is not enough!

So where am I?

I have had 3 jobs since leaving university and none required my degree level of education. Nor did they give me a little le-way to demand that extra salary that was oh so promised if I had the said degree. I have achieved jobs through my personality and experience in life more than anything. And one job in a estate agents, has now resulted in a sales job at a very reputable publishing company.

I am one of the many graduates in a job that unfortunately, neither a degree nor a large amount of debt helped me achieve. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike my job. But let’s just say if I was pitched that as my end job after £60,000 of debt when looking at uni’s, I would’ve jacked in the uni dream and caught the next train home to apply. 

What’s your argument here Charlotte?

University is something I neither regret or am over the moon I went and did. I certainly met some amazing people. Heck one turned out to be my best friend and is my bridesmaid in a couple of months! I most certainly had some amazing times, and learnt valuable lessons not involving and involving alcohol. Most importantly, it taught some life lessons on money and living alone.

And strangely these are all things that come as a side line and not advertised on the uni prospectus, yet became much more valuable than the degree itself! 

All in all, I strongly resonate with those students struggling to get a job post uni.

It’s a tough old world in the sphere of work. I have been grilled by interviewees. Treated like a child when questioned and lectured on the world of social media and the impact it can have on job prospectus. I have been on the lowest income available for a 21 year old and worked my butt off to get better. I have even been mocked by fellow colleagues in one job, because I tried to better myself with a degree and ended up beside them.

And yet, students especially, are looked upon as fools. As drunks who party hard and sleep all day. Who live a easy lifestyle and receive 20% off in New Look. We don’t even receive an apology or reasoning if a lecture is cancelled.

So what’s the real cost of uni?

A tougher skin.

A lump sum of debt you pay minimally until it’s written off.

A true grasp on the value of money and hard work.

These are the things that I consider the real cost of uni. What’s even worse, every pay cheque you are reminded of that minimal payment you are making on that hugeeeee debt you’ve accumulated! And all for what?

University is different for everyone and will be. It can all differ from the course you embark on, the university you study at, or the path you decide to take whilst and after studying.

This post is not to scare people off heading to uni. Not at all. This post is more of a real insight to the life of a student during and after university. I find it infuriating when there are news stories and even university stat’s stating anything but the real deal. University is a business that is interested in profit turnover. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean the students get the best experience, or education for their money!

University most definitely taught me a thing or two. But honestly, if I knew what I do now, I would have quit after a year of making friends and freedom, and nabbed myself a job!

What are your thoughts on university? 

Have you been and regret it? 

Are you considering it? 

Let me know in the comment section below!