My watched list – January edition

I have no shame in admitting that I am a serial telly addict. And thanks to re-negotiating our sky package some months ago, we now receive Sky movies. Which in turn has only cemented my bottom to the couch much much longer!

Last year we watched several movies I raved about, to myself, and this year I thought I’d share some of the brilliant, and shoddy films I embraced over the month.

Grab a cuppa if you like!

Beauty and the Beast |

I know I am a little slow on the account on this one. But If I will be completely transparent, I had only watched the original and animated edition just last month. I was a little excited to watch the live action version. But I was disappointed. Whilst it is true to the original, I found it a little over the top. I wouldn’t watch it again, but I am glad I watched.

Fences |

I cannot even explain to you how much I enjoyed this movie. My Fiancée wasn’t too keen, but I adored it. Strangely, I can’t share too much without giving the game away on the whole film. What I can say is, it’s truly gripping, emotional and well worth a watch. Denzel Washington’s performance is superb and well worth a watch in itself!

The Zookeepers Wife |

Wow. Just Wow. How I haven’t heard of this incredible true story before I will never know. But thank the lord it was made into a Hollywood movie so we could all find out about it. The narrative follows a Polish family that hide Jews in their zoo during World War 2.

It’s compelling, gripping and a truly emotional true story. I have heard some say it was a little boring, but honestly, I couldn’t stop watching!!

Get Out |

When this came out in the cinema, I was so very keen to run and watch it. Yet my fiancée hates horrors or thrillers and I wasn’t keen to go. So, I didn’t manage to catch it. To see it land on Sky cinema I was pretty excited and my fiancée had no choice in the matter.

Honestly, it didn’t disappoint, and kept me on my toes and behind the cushion! Really gripping, a little weird and bloody thrilling. If you like a thriller or two, you might want to have a watch!

Boss Baby |

Whilst I am not a usual fan of animation or at least I have to be in right frame of mind to watch one, I was a little dubious to watch it. But it was a Sunday afternoon, and with nothing else better to do, we thought it would give it a go. Honestly, it was weird. Pretty standard for a kids film. But the humour was enough to keep us watching and it filled the afternoon. Wouldn’t say it was fantastic, but worth a watch if you’re wanting something light hearted and comical.

Split |

This was the last film I enjoyed in January and all thanks to some colleague recommendations. It’s another weird one this, but stick with it. It will play with your feels and will certainly have you on edge, but nothing compares to this film. Well worth a watch if you like something a little different and want to be freaked out!!

Every Friday I get excited for the new addition from Sky Cinema. Whilst it wouldn’t replace my love for Netflix (nothing could honestly), It certainly accompanies it.

What have you been watching lately? 

Any films I should try? 

As always, let me know in the comment section!

Charlotte x