A Life Update

Hay Pals.

It’s been a fair while since I have posted any kind of personal update. I do apologize and I do know some of you have kinda been looking for one. So here it goes. It’s a real mismatch affair but stick with it, if you fancy of course!

General Life

We are edging towards the first of many bank holiday weekends and I could not be any more excited. We don’t have too much planned as of yet. But we have family visiting from Devon, and some time off together so I’m sure plenty of fun will be had. Football season is coming to an end, and just in time as we are now getting majorly consumed in wedding planning and prep. Most of Easter Friday will be used to make, write and send our wedding invites! The rest of the weekend will no doubt include copious amounts of chocolate, home baking and hot cross buns!


Yup, still getting there. We are now under the 4 months to go mark and honestly, I’m totally freaking out! There are still so many decisions to be made and I am not done making my mind up on the ones I should have decided on 6 months ago.

We still haven’t had our little interview thing yet, but it is booked for in a couple of weeks time. We have only just booked our flights for our honeymoon, and yet to book our hotel for Singapore. Both suits and dresses are all sorted and paid for, and my make-up and hair trial has been and gone.

Our food tasting was just last week week and I must say, it was divine. We tried over 8 canapes, starters, main meals and deserts and have finally decided what the guests will be able to choose from.

Our wedding invitations are being made and written this weekend, to be posted on Tuesday. The evening reception invites have been sent and we are just starting to get some replies back which is v.very exciting.

My hen do #1 & #2 are just weeks away and all I have heard is how much fun I am going to have. I know Hen Do #1 is a weekend stay in London with 16 family and friends. Hen Do #2 is a garden party at my family home. I cannot wait as all my family and friends who can’t make the main event to London can join me with a pimms and party to celebrate. Of course there will be cake and I have been eagerly picking out party decorations!

Other than that, there’s not much else to update on. We have sooo much to still do and make which is fun, but I am fearing we may be leaving it all a little late! I am excited to share on my blog over the coming months our journey. I am trying to be clever in my creations and do as much ourselves as possible. I am totally excited to see how it will all pull together and still can’t get my head around the fact that the wedding coming up quickly is my own!

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I fear me and my fiancée are shopaholics when it comes to our home. We recently splashed some Christmas vouchers on some soft furnishings for our lounge. Just the small pop of colour has made a huge difference and really lifted the space. Since a little overhaul, I am itching to get some more of the little bits in our home done and possibly keep painting.

We have only just about got over the painting party we held in January. Whilst we vowed we would never paint again, I do love the splash of colour and I want it where possible.

Our home was also sold without any kitchen tiles and it has been driving us up the wall. Here’s hoping we can get it done soon so I can stop staining the kitchen walls with bolognese sauce.

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I am happy to report that my mental health has been at an all-time high and has been for some time now. Since I started to look out for myself more and do more in the way of my mental health, I have been ever so positive.

I have been working really hard on my yoga and have been thoroughly enjoying how I feel after doing it. I have been raving about a certain yoga book over on my instagram and a review post is live too.

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Still here. Still loving it. And actually falling more in love with the photography side of things. I have recently acquired an iPhone7+ and it is sooo good. The camera makes it so much easier to take high-quality, every day pictures. The recent snow day was a prime example of how well it acted!

I have even been stepping out of my comfort zone and having my fiancée take pictures of me. Actual me. You may have seen a post of two of mine on Insta and I must say I really rather enjoyed the experience and my fiancée is being so supportive. He even eggs me on to take me. I feel I may encroach more into pictures of me and even outfit posts.

I also have so many posts coming up too that will hopefully help you, my fellow bloggers. There are so many question marks over many of what we as bloggers face day in day out and I want to be able to spread some advice, as well as positivity into what you are doing and achieving in the blogging sphere. I am creating exclusive content for bloggers, which is password protected. But don’t worry, because all you have to do to grab the password is sign up to my mailing list. 

There we have it. Some kind of life update, considering I haven’t done any kind of updates in yonks! If you fancy being nosey and keeping mega up to date with all things my life and wedding prep, be sure to follow me on instagram / twitter.