After work activities for the Desk job gal!

HOW many of us just live for the weekend?? Me, me, ME! Because honestly, I am soo lazy once I get in after work. Throw on some slacks, hoodie and slippers. Purely because I believe I have earned the right to pig out and watch trash telly.

But realistically, after monitoring my activity throughout the working day, I haven’t earned such privilege. And thanks to winter, my laziness skill has peaked. Truthfully, I am embarrassed! I eat because I am bored, and become hooked on mini games on my iphone. Yet there is plenty I could be doing of a evening to make me tired enough to sleep well!

Because that is what it really boils down to. Whilst I do go off to work for a hefty amount of the day (11 hours to be exact), I am not doing nearly enough exercise in the day. Being at a desk staring at a computer screen takes a real toll on the brain for sure. Trust me, its mush by 8pm! But my body is screaming to release the energy I have conserved by being on a chair all day.

And whilst I have been just going home and ‘unwinding’, saving the real strenuous activities for the weekend, I am finding I am just living for the weekend and the endless chores I have for that week. As always, I run out of time for leisurely walks, strolls or a yoga class.  The balance of relaxation, work, social life and chores is all out of kilter.

So, if like me, you are finding it tough to both unwind from your 9-5 desk duty job, but release your energy and keep fit, read on. Because, for the sake of your health, we should be doing more after work! Here are some ideas to get you started on not just living for the weekend nor cramming in 5 days of activities into 2!!!

At home Yoga

Thanks to a beautiful book called Thrive through Yoga kindly sent to me by Nicola Jane Hobbs (review coming very very soon), I have fallen very much in love with Yoga in my spare room. Money is tight, and a mere £10 yoga class a week is just not pencilled into my tight budget right now. But, Yoga is a great activity to unwind and tone. Honestly, if you’ve done yoga, you’ll understand the real strain it can have on your body, in a good way of course!

I set the scene with a couple of candles, peace and quiet and the curtains open. Looking out over the landscape that surrounds my home under star light whilst doing Yoga is such a refreshing way to unwind at home! Give it a try for sure, there are plenty of help books and youtube videos to try!

Read: The Yoga Book to buy. 


Whether it be a long one or even short, a walk can certainly clear your mind from the duties of work. I find a walk can blow away the cobwebs as they say, and allow me to take a breathe or two, before going home to settle in for the evening. The best walks allow you to think outside of work and put the stresses and struggles of the day at rest.

Go for a walk alone, or grab a pal and natter too. Honestly, a refreshing walk not only keeps you active, but mindful in times of stress!

Pilates Class

Pilates is a activity that aims to strengthen every aspect of your body, including your core. It’s widely popular and almost anyone can go along and give it a go. All in all, it’s pretty similar to Yoga, just you move a lot more with pilates. I find pilates a lot more active compared to Yoga. Yet, it helps you focus on your breathing and in turn, your mental health.

So if you are after something a little more than Yoga, but can help you work on your core, breathing and posture, find a class and give it a go. There is always some Youtube videos to get you started.


I LOVE swimming. Its a great activity that keeps you cool whilst doing it, and it tones all over your body. Not so great for your hair care, but who cares! Swimming is somewhere you can really unwind, switch off and just breathe, away from computer, tablet, phone or tv screens. It can come at the cost of a Swimming Centre admission, but if you grab some pals once a week, it can be money well spent!

Play a game

Of sport, of course! At your local court, gym or park. There are lots and lots of spaces, closer than you may realize, to go out, shoot some hoops or kick a ball. Just this small amount of time running after or with a ball can help release some pent up energy.

Luckily, we have a basketball court in walking distance from our home. Me and my fiancée like to go down there and just shoot some hoops. It’s a lovely time for us to just natter, usually about random crap, but we also have a little fun too.I wondered why my arms were hurting shortly after, and I realised I was working muscles without even realising it! Winner winner!!

I am trying really hard to make my evenings not only eventful, but meaningful too. Weight loss is something I would like to embark on, but in a natural and non intrusive way. I find my weeks have been flying by all the whilst I have things and activities planned for after work. I no longer feel I live for the weekends.

Do you do any after work activities? 

Any more that I can add to my list? 

As always, leave a comment below! 

I love reading your thoughts!! 

Charlotte x