Are your Tyres ready for Spring?

I am a hugeee advocate for road and car safety. Soo much so that I have many posts on how you can keep your car in its finest and safest condition. The easiest way to combat having expensive run in’s is to make sure you are doing everything possible to keep your car safe. And there’s no place better to start than your tyres! It is the only part of the car that has contact with the road so they should be your primary focus.

If you’re not sure what to check or be weary for, read on because I have all the tips and advice you can think of when it comes to your tyres!

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Check for any damage

Your tyres can become damaged without you even realising it! Common damage includes punctures, cuts, cracks and irregular wear. It’s really important to check over your tyres regularly, as unnoticed bulges and cracks can lead to further damage and high risk of failure!

If you’re not 100% sure, go to your nearest garage and have them inspected. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Check your tread

The tread on your tyres give you the grip you need on the road. Worn tyres can lead to a high risk of skidding and lack of grip and ability to stop when needed. There is a legal limit to abide by, and if stopped by the police with a car below the legal limit, you could be at risk of facing a fine.

Tyre pressure

A low tyre pressure could be an indication of damage to your tyre including a puncture. Keeping your tyre pressure up gives you more grip on the road and less chance of damage to your wheel. You can usually tell by just looking at your tyres, but most petrol stations have an  air pump which will tell you your pressure and allow you to fill.

Your vehicle will have a specific ideal tyre pressue which in most cars, is indicated in the inside passanger door. Otherwise, google can help you establish the recommend pressure for your car tyres.

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Go for quality

Owning and running a car can be damn expensive. Especially when you have to fork out for 4 new tyres. However, your tyres are the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road. If they fail, you have nothing else. Consider this when buying your next set, especially if you are tempted to the cheaper and low quality end of the spectrum. Read reviews and descriptions to make sure they are suitable for your car and the journeys you regularly embark on. Once again, seek professional help if you’re not sure.

Do not fear

There is plenty of advice to be found when concerned for your car tyres. Having new tyres fitted couldn’t be easier either. Buying tyres through Point S  offers you a huge range of tyres and the ability to book from home and have fitted at a garage nearest to you.

Do not put off having your tyres looked at or replaced. Delaying can cause further damage and risk of an accident.

Do you check your tyres regularly?

Charlotte x