Creating a Calming, Modern home!

Creating a Calming, Modern home!

In the modern world, we’re all surrounded by so much noise and chaos that it can be hard to escape stress. You might feel pressure at work, within your relationship, or with regards to your family life and money. That’s why it’s so important to come home to a nice, calming environment.

Even your kids might be stressed after their day at school, whether they’re struggling with their workload or having problems with their friends. Everybody experiences ups and downs on a daily basis, but the one thing that ties it all together is home.

If you don’t feel relaxed in your own, then keep on reading as I have some handy tips to bear in mind when creating a calming yet modern home.

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Spaciousness is so important.

If you want to feel relaxed in your own home then you need to prioritize space. By reducing the ‘chatioticness’ of your home, you can achieve a calmer mind. Begin by getting rid of those bits and bobs that clutter and overload your home. I talk of de-cluttering all the time, and rightly so. Clear your home of the knick knacks that serve no purpose and you can immediately feel space. 

If de-cluttering isn’t your problem and real space is, consider extensions and re-imagining of existing rooms and space. Always consider the latter before splashing the cash on fancy extensions or conservatories. New and improved rooms can do wonders for the flow of your home.

Have a odd ‘spare room’ that houses junk that could be either binned, or stored in the loft? Convert it into a usable office. Or a room with a comfy sofa, bookcase and even a TV. Extending your living space into pre-existing but non-functional rooms can transform the use of your home. And offer you or your family some space to relax, unwind and find peace.

Simplistic design can be very powerful.

A spacious home is very calming, but you need to do more than simply de-clutter your home and put rooms to better use. You need to simplify your home’s design. Minimalism is the key.

Your house might be spacious, but it might still feel “busy” and stress-inducing. You should opt for a neutral style in most rooms. Swap busy patterned wallpaper for neutral and soft coloured paint. Choose a colour palette that will naturally reflect light and really brighten the space. 

When it comes to your furniture, trade in your old and tatty goods for modern alternatives. Dark and harsh colours can really clutter and drown a room. Vox furniture have the perfect selection of contemporary and simplistic pieces. Sleek, modern and plain furnishings can be the refresh your home craves.

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You should let personal design into your home.

Creating a calming modern home is about giving your interior design a calming “vibe”. The easiest way to achieve that is to make your home’s design adhere to your preferences. If you’re a musician then you could hang one of your guitars on the wall, for example. You should also avoid bad mojo by getting rid of things that evoke bad memories.

Let good memories shine throughout your home; photographs of fun family holidays, trips away and life changing moments should be displayed throughout your home.

Is your home feeling a little clustered ? 

Are you going to try a couple of these tips? 

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

Charlotte x