Holiday like a local

Holiday like a local

For a lot of people, going on holiday isn’t just a chance to relax by the pool and enjoy some time away from work. Of course, it is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and forget about the stress of life, but sometimes, it’s the opportunity to make the most of the foreign location, food and lifestyle.

And there is no better way than living like a local.

So, if you want to step out of your comfort zone, and experience the culture and lifestyle of somewhere else, keep on reading. I have everything in this post to get you motivated to use your next trip to live like a local!

The Food

Travelling gives you ample opportunity to try, sample and experience different cuisines, many of which locations can be famous for! We are all guilty of heading to well-known food chains or suppliers when in a foreign country, and that’s okay. But if you really want to experience real food, you better look more local or fancy.

You may need to book ahead of time for the most popular options, but this will still be a great way to have authentic food while you’re on a breakaway.

The Entertainment

Along with the food you eat, consider carefully of the entertainment you enjoy whilst you’re there too. Whether it be a comedy club, a gig night or local attraction, there is always plenty to enjoy like a local.

Using resources like Google Maps are always handy as it’s super easy to catch your bearings before hand and check out some of the local scenery.

The Place

Take your stay to the next level and trade in your usual, and rather commercial hotel, for a stay away in an apartment.

With plenty of online companies available, like you can be sure to find an apartment or home to suit your holiday needs.

The Transport

Lastly, consider how you are going to get around your holiday location. Public transport is a very easy and convenient option. But, if you fancy a little style, or you’d rather not try the language, you could always consider hiring a driver for a day or two.

Not only does it make it a little easier, you may be given some hidden, local secrets into the area.  If you are considering a driver, be sure to book ahead for a good deal!

Would you consider tripping like a local?

Got any advice for someone wanting to kick the tourist vibe?

Be sure to comment in the section below!

Charlotte x