How your bathroom can set you up for a good day

How your bathroom can set you up for a good day

Bathrooms are often an overlooked part of our home, despite being used daily. Most of us take little care of our bathrooms or we fail to realize just how drastically we could uplift our day by simply taking better care of it.

To give you some ideas on how our bathroom can affect our day, here are a couple of points that will enlighten you and forever change the way you treat your bathroom.

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Your Bathroom Can Help Boost Your Happiness

Believe it or not, but your bathroom can have a profound effect on your mood, and even boost your over all happiness.

Creating a calming, inviting and clean bathroom can offer you a space you will enjoy being in, even when in a rush. Ensure your skincare is accessible but organised, and all areas are clean and fresh. If you have a bath, make sure it’s cleaned regularly, and offers warming tones to truly unwind. Candles can create a zen feel when relaxing in the tub, although be careful where you place them.

If you’re looking for a bathroom with a luxurious yet relaxing feel, there is plenty to be done. Looking at websites like Bathroom Marquee can give you huge amounts of inspiration with their wide range of gorgeous designs and products. Whether you spruce up your space with fresh new shower wall panels or purchase a shiny new mirror, there are plenty of options that are easy to install, versatile for your space and can provide a drastic boost to your bathroom appearance.

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Funky Smells and Unsightly Messes

We’ve all experienced a nasty smell in our bathroom at some point. There is nothing worse than a funky smell to put you off your morning routine or guests using your services! There could be many a reason why your bathroom is whofting a bit, including over spilling bins or even over due washing! It may even be a sewage smell or mould and mildew. These can cause a right headache if left, so be sure to get it cleaned up and sorted out as soon as you notice. Make you washing your priority, and buy a bigger bin if needed. Seek advice if you have persistent mould and mildew. 

If you feel your bathroom always looks messy, consider creating hidden storage space. Large cabinets and under sink storage can look on trend and hide those unsightly and rather annoying necessities like tampons, deodorant and shampoo. If you like the idea of showcasing your products, consider large shelves and open baskets on your surfaces, to organise your bits and bobs in a stylish way.

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