Make London your playground

Make London your playground

London. A city that attracts over 27 million visitors every year, making it the most visited place in Europe!  It’s a city beaming with diversity and culture, offering some of the world’s best entertainment, art, shopping, restaurants and of course history!

I LOVE London and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t. So if you are in need of a weekend away to the big city, or want to experience it for yourself, I have a couple of the many things you can get up to.


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Walk the streets of Piccadilly Circus

That’s right, just walk and watch. It’s prime location to experience the hustle and bustle of the city, people watch to the extreme and enjoy some of the incredibly talented street performers! Expect to see beat-boxers, guitarists, singers, jugglers, dancers, magicians, and so much more. 

Here is also a prime shopping location, so get your shop on when you get a chance!

Experience the night-life in style

If you’d like to see how the celebs party when in London, then you will need to get yourself on the guestlist for Mahiki Kensington. It is the hottest nightclub around that has catered to stars like Beyonce and Jay Z, Lady Gaga, and even Prince Harry and Prince William, so there’s definitely something there that attracts the best of the best.

Make sure you arrive at the door early if you want to get in though, as by midnight the place is usually packed. Find your most impressive outfit, stick your killer heels on, and go get yourself a table.

Explore a new world at Camden Market

If you want to see aliens, robots, and unicorns, as well as going back in time through the vintage eras, then Camden Market is an absolute must-see. There is no wrong or right here, so if you’re all about being open and free, get ready to mix yourself with crowds of rockabillies, goths, and punk rockers.

This vibrant paradise has delicious street food a plenty along with bars and stores for out of the ordinary. 

Where do you like to visit in London? 

Any tips for a newbie? 

As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x