Make your wedding planning easier

Make your wedding planning easier

Your wedding is undoubtedly going to be the best day of your life but in the months and weeks beforehand, it really starts to feel like the opposite.

Planning a wedding is so stressful and you often find yourself asking whether anything is worth all of the late nights and endless problems. Of course, it is, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a bit of a pain along the way.

With me going through the whole process right now, I have put together some simple tricks you can use to make it a lot easier for yourself.

Wedding Department Stores

One thing you have to endure and experience is a wedding fair. Having a place where everything is under one roof is not only handy, but easier to sort and organise in a short space of time.

Well, wedding department stores like The Wedding Gallery offer exactly the same benefits, except you don’t have to wait until it comes around like a wedding fair, they’re open and always there for you. You can get your dress and all of the other outfits, the rings, find a venue and even hire a wedding planner all in one place. It’s far easier than having to go round loads of different places and call up all sorts of different caterers and bands to book everything in. By going to a wedding department store and getting it all done in one place, you can halve the amount of time it takes to plan your wedding, and the stress!

Hire A Wedding Planner

Yes, a wedding planner is the real deal. The person that can sort, plan, chat, order, organise everything to do with your big day.

Having an expert that’s planned hundreds of weddings before makes things so much easier for various reasons. Just having somebody else to take some of the burden will do you no end of good and give you the oppertunity to sit back and enjoy.

Wedding planners have their own relationships with vendors and can often get discounts for services. Whilst the cost of a planner may seem one you want to ignore, it can pay dividends on your sanity and your budget if using one.

Choose One Location

Traditionally, you’ll have your ceremony in one place and then everybody will travel elsewhere for the reception. Thanks to budgets, and wanting to lower the stress levels, many couples now opt for a one location wedding. Having the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception in one just location really lowers the hassle you have to go through and only one lot of staff, location details and place to even worry about.

So make it a lot easier for yourself and just have the ceremony and the reception in the same place.

Book Multiple Services With The Same Vendor

If you’re using one person for flowers, another for invitations and a third one for decorations, you’re tripling the amount of work you need to be doing.

A lot of vendors that deal with weddings will offer more than just one service. If you can book as much of that stuff as possible with the same vendor, you’ll only have the one person to organize and liaise with on the lead up to the day. Most vendors even offer a discount if you book it all with them.

Planning a wedding is always going to be stressful but you can make things a whole lot easier by using some of these tips.

Are you planning your wedding?

Have you got any tips for a bride to be?

Charlotte x