Making your home run smoothly

Making your home run smoothly

We are all pretty busy when it comes to day to day living. Work, social life, family, friends maybe even kids. We all juggle with day to day to chores, tasks and commitments. It’s no wonder our home can feel a mess visually and mentally. And honestly, there is nothing worse than an untidy home.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate spring clean, and to make sure your home runs smoothly for the rest of 2018, listen up, I have all the tips you need!

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Manage Your Time Better

Managing your time is one of the hardest things to grasp. Even when we try, it doesn’t always seem to work. You can improve your time keeping by keeping track of your commitments through a diary. When you plan things, try and give yourself plenty of time to prepare and get from A to B. Getting up earlier in the day also helps manage your time, and make you feel more organised. Try and not commit to too much and always give yourself time to breathe. 

When it comes to your home, stay focused and dedicate time once a day, week or even month to go over bills and general admin for your home. Keep your home tidy and clean by making sure every evening the general bits and bobs of the day are put away. Once a week, clean over your surfaces and appliances. The weekly cleaning chore can transform your home and make it feel less yucky, and more cared for!

Focus On Organization

Staying organized is key to making your home and life run smoothly. Ensuring everything has a place within your home will lower the risk of losing something, or wasting precious time searching for what you really need!

Start with a de-clutter of your home. It is a vital way to ensure your home is more organised, and even helps you lift the feeling of clutter in your mind. Organize your clothing into seasons, and clear those unwanted, tatty and old clothing from your wardrobe.

Set Up A System

When I say system, I mean routine. This touches on what I mentioned previously. Creating a routine helps keep your home running smoothly, just as suggests. Make a chart if you have to of the chores that need doing, and when they need doing. 

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Utilize Services

 A huge part of being organized and having a system is to keep things running. For this, rubbish control and housekeeping can help. You’ll want to find the right service, such as, to help you keep that under control. When you can keep junk out of your house, and even keep it clear or the garden landscaped without you having to do it yourself, you will find your own focuses much easier to handle.

Prepare For Success

Prepping is something you will come to rely on. Because preparing in advance can make sure that everything is a success. From meal prepping on a weekend for nights in the week, to getting things ready in the evening to make the morning easier, when you prepare for success, your home will always run smoothly.

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How do you make sure your home runs smoothly? 

Any tips for home-owners? 

As always, let me know in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x