Saving money for your future.

Saving money for your future.

We have all just about got over the hit of Christmas and January sales right? We are just 3 pay cheques into 2018 so there is no better time to start saving money for the future ahead.

Whether you plan an extravagant holiday end of this year, or even next. Or plan to make it on your own with your own property. Or better yet, you just want to be a responsible adult and save money for a rainy day or future plans. Whatever your reasoning behind saving money, I have plenty of ways you can scrimp back without too much of a hit on your current lifestyle.

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You may already do this, or not! Revising your budget depending on your future plans can help put things into a little perspective. Consider how much you currently spend on things and whether these can be altered at all. Be realistic too. Do not think you can shave money where realistically you cannot. Things like food aren’t an area you can easily scrimp on, but things like take-aways, trips to the pub and clothes shopping can be restrained.

Set up a Direct Debit

Ahh the magic of direct debits and standing orders. Secretly taken from your account without you having to do anything. This is perfect for those who would rather the money taken and stored away. Standing orders can be set up yourself via your on line banking. They can be altered and cancelled any time pretty easily and just tick along until cancelled.

Use Cash

In the world of contact-less payments and card acceptance everywhere, it can often feel like you’re not spending money at all, and can be easy to forget how much you’ve actually spent! Withdrawing cash and using where possible can give you a visual representation of the money you are spending. Have the cash on you on how much you want to spend over the week or even month. You will be surprised how stingy you will become spending notes and coins when that is all you are using!

Smart Shopping

Saving money doesn’t mean all shopping goes out the window! Not at all! It just means you should shop a little smarter. Searching for good deals, sales and discounts could save you huge percentages across products your either already purchase, or ones that you need. Using companies like Latest Deals can help find you deals, savings and discounts across the whole wide web of shopping.

Keep your eye on the prize

Remember why you are saving and keep it in the forefront of your mind. It can be easy to forget why you are doing it and give up! Make the holiday destination you screen saver if you have to! Remind yourself how good you will feel when you are in your own home or sunning it in Cape Verde!

I am not denying saving money is hard, but you can do it. Especially with the help of some of these small but nifty tips!

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What are you saving for?

Have you been trying to save money? 

Any tips for fellow savers? 

As always, start some natter below! 

Charlotte x

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