Taking a spontaneous holiday

Taking a spontaneous holiday

For a lot of us, there’s nothing more carefully planned out than a holiday. You know where you’re going, how long you’re going for, what you’re taking, and what you’re going to do when you get there. But is that the best way to do things?

Well, it’s certainly not the only way to take a trip.

Why not try something a little bit different next time?

Instead of planning everything to within an inch of its life, why not be more spontaneous? Choose a few things that you want out of a break away and then leave the rest to chance. This might sound a little risky to some people, but here are some great ways to embrace a more spontaneous holiday! 

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Pick an activity

Instead of having your entire trip planned out from top to bottom, why not just pick on thing about it that you want to focus on and then let that lead you to your vacation. Maybe you want to hit the slopes on your trip, and that can lead you to some fantastic Andorra holidays. Or maybe you want to experience some amazing night life and end up in cities like Barcelona that you never expected to experience. Having a reason for taking a trip and letting that dictate where you go and what you do is a great way to open up your vacation to some fantastic new possibilities.

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Pick a location

Instead of thinking about what you’re going to do on your trip, why not focus all of your energy on finding that one perfect place that you’ve always wanted to visit. Just pick somewhere that you might not have ever been, don’t think about what you’re going to do when you get there, and buy your tickets! Sure, this does mean that you could end up not sure what to do with yourself during your holiday, but it also means that you could end up experiencing some things that you almost certainly wouldn’t if you had everything planned out.

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Let fate decide!

Of course, if you were really in the mood for throwing caution to the wind, why not let fate decide? Head to the airport and buy tickets for the soonest flight in your price range. That way you could end up going somewhere that you never even imagined, but that offers you some truly wonderful experiences. For a lot of people, this might seem like leaving far too much up to chance, but if you’re willing to embrace the risks of doing something like this, it can be one of the most exciting ways to take a trip.

This certainly isn’t going to be the perfect way to plan a holiday for everyone. After all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little more structure out of your time away.

But if you’re starting to find that you’re getting a little bored with the holiday’s that you’ve been taking for the last couple of years, you could certainly do worse than to inject a little spontaneity into your next one.

Would you book your next holiday ad-hock? 

Fancy a spontaneous holiday? 

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