Turn Your Home Into a Haven For Mindfulness

Turn Your Home Into a Haven For Mindfulness

Lately, perhaps as a response to our hectic, always-on world, there has been a huge surge of interest in mindfulness. From the meditation apps helping us get control of our anxieties and switch off to the essential oils we pop in our nightly bath, more of us are thinking about how we can slow down and unwind.

But what role do our homes play in all this? Our homes are where we come to centre ourselves at the end of a busy day, and are incredibly important spaces in terms of our wellbeing.

With a few simple touches, you can make your private space a haven of relaxation and calm and bring happiness and health through the front door.

Consider the Flow of Your Space

Just like people, our homes give out an energy, and you can affect this by the way you choose to decorate. Instead of thinking of each room as a self-contained entity, consider the design and planning of your space as a whole.

Make sure energy flows through each room by picking a harmonising colour palette, the same flooring flowing throughout the house, and introducing restful lighting options, such as day and night blinds and soft task lighting with a selection of lamps. This will help you to create a sense of balance throughout the home and a feeling of peace.

Choose your colours carefully. Bright shades such as red, yellow and pink can be over stimulating at the end of a busy day, while restful tones such as a creams, greys, blues and greens can promote calm.

Create a Sensory Haven

Introducing texture in tone on tone colours stimulates the senses and makes for a pleasant experience in the home.

Seek out beautiful textured wall hangings, accent rugs, throws and pillows in knitted, woven and faux-fur fabrics and luxuriously pooled curtains. In the bedroom, add plenty of soft and cosy blankets, luxury pillows and polished surfaces to make an oasis of reflection away from the rush of daily life.

You may also want to introduce plenty of potted plants, which promote the flow of oxygen around the room, crystals and geodes to bring a healing element to your decor and scented candles or essential oil diffusers to add an evocative sense of smell.

Take Time to Declutter

Having clutter in the home is not conducive to mental health – it drains our focus and wastes our time as we look for misplaced items. If you have a messy home, then look for storage solutions to suit your needs.

A chic bedside cabinet can prevent clutter building up by the side of the bed, while a modern ottoman in the living room can tidy away extra pillows and blankets while also providing additional seating.

Decluttering doesn’t have to mean going to the minimalist approach, if that isn’t to your taste- it just means having a place of unused or unsightly items to live. Lots of pretty carved trinket boxes can hide paraphernalia such as tv remotes and charger cables, while larger baskets can swallow craft supplies or children’s toys when they aren’t being used.