What’s really keeping you awake at night

What’s really keeping you awake at night

If you regularly suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness, you are not alone. Recent studies suggest that around a third of the adult population suffer from insomnia from time to time, with roughly half of those people experiencing it chronically. But have no fear, if you are struggling to get some much needed shut eye, there is plenty to be done! 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what might really be keeping you awake at night – and what you can finally do to fix it! 

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The Light

For many people, one of the easiest ways to be kept awake is with light. Whether it be your partner reading in bed, or the hallway light beaming into your room, there are many issues with light that can impact your sleep. 

You might want to consider the lights you are using across your home. These could be changed for a softer, more natural tone to be less intrusive. It’s worth thinking about dimmers too, as these could be used in your hall way and landing, overall lowering the light beaming into your bedroom!

Your Bad Back

When you have any kind of physical ache or pain, especially if it is chronic, it can absolutely have a detrimental effect on your sleep. No matter how careful you are, sometimes injuries do happen, and from time to time something simple like a bad back will rear its ugly head and make sleeping much more difficult.

When in pain, ensure your bed is set up to to help recovery, or limit the risk of further injury. Be sure to ask a professional what is the best mattress for a bad back if pain continues. It may well be worth investing in a new mattress. Lumps, bumps and old springs can not only be keeping you awake, but causing damage to your posture!

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Whether it is you snoring, or the person next to you, there is nothing quite as bad as snoring to keep you awake.

Much of the time, you might not even be aware that it is happening, especially if you’re the snorer! However a tip-off from your partner might raise the alarm. In which case it could be time to do something about it – for both of your sakes!

Thankfully, snoring can be dealt with fairly easily. Always look into non-medical home-remedies first, or  tools that can help clear the airways. These can be often found in a pharmacy for a reasonable price.  If that doesn’t do the trick, consider visiting the doctor. Fixing this issue will help you and your partner to sleep better, and make for a much more amicable home.

Is something keeping you awake at night?

Do you have a problem sleeping? 

Do you have any tips on sleeping better? 

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