Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding

Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding

Since summer is on the approach, we can expect to see plenty in the way of good old Summer weddings. Summer is of course the most popular time of year to hold nuptials, and for good bloody reason. Yet, even when you think you have everything thought of and considered, some things do just slip your mind.

Whether you decide to have a simple ceremony on the beach or a grand wedding at a stately home, summer can create the most perfect setting.

So, if you want to plan the best wedding you can for this season, here are some helpful tips you need to read over before confirming that summer wedding date.

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Use seasonal colours

The perks of a summer wedding is that you are surrounded by the most groegous light and colour. It is the perfect time of year to wear bright colours like blue and yellow and really make the most of your theme.

If you are having an outdoor wedding it is definitely a good idea to match your colours to the landscape around you. It will add a touch of class to the whole place and give you a stunning setting to tie the knot.

Heat relief

Everyone loves to be in the sun, however if you end up getting married in the middle of a heatwave it can be damaging to your guests after a long time outside. To protect your guests the best thing you can do is provide them with a way to cool down.

Be sure to provide your guests somewhere to escape the heat and sunshine, as well as plenty of ice cold drinks and water.

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Go for light food

Hot weather does not mix well with a massive three course meal. If you are planning a wedding which will either take place outside or in a hot country, the best thing you can do for your guests is to serve a buffet with lots of different options. Let your guests pick and choose how much they indulge in, as well as what they actually eat. Consider providing lots of fresh fruit. It can provide a refreshing and healthy way for your guests to cool down during the day.

Wear cool clothes

If you are going to have a wedding outdoors in the blazing sun, the last thing you want to do is wear a layered dress or a thick suit. There are no rules when it comes to your wedding so you can wear whatever you want. If you want you can swap the huge dress for a simple summer style, and your groom can swap his trousers for shorts.

Make sure that you say to guests on the invitation to wear comfortable clothing so that everyone is happy throughout the day.

Provide sun protection

There will always be someone who didn’t apply sunscreen when they left the house for your big day, and you can pre-empt this by providing a few bottles of sunscreen at the venue for everyone to use. This way you can make sure everyone wears the right protection and you will be able to continue your day without worrying about anyone getting badly burnt.

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