An Afternoon in Rye

Rye is a gorgeous little town / village / not really sure should have researched place just outside of Hastings. Having heard and seen so much about the little nugget in East Sussex I had been pretty eager to explore.

Thanks to my teacher fiancée having two weeks off for Easter, and me having a couple of days here and there, we were able to spend an afternoon exploring the historic streets. And you know what, it is ruddy picture perfect isn’t it!


It wasn’t the glorious sunshine we have experienced in the last week or so, it was much rather a fairly misty and hazy day. Having said that, it was fairly warm and didn’t put a damper on the day at all. If anything, it created a certain mood.

Considering we only live 20 odd miles away, I was astonished that I had never been before. We trawled the little independent shops, gazed in bakery windows and hunted through antique stores since we both love trying to find gems for our home.

We found our way to a independent and rather sweet cinema, which as I am someone who hates them, I really was excited about the prospect of experiencing one there.

We sat on a bank and ate some of the most delicious fish and chips, of course with curry sauce before heading home. I will say, as gorgeous as Rye is, and the snap opportunity is out of this world, there isn’t too much to do there. Once you’ve wandered the shops and streets, there really isn’t much more to it. Having said that, if you fancy a mooch or nosey on a Saturday Afternoon, there really is no place better!

Have you been to Rye before? 

Are there things we missed and should have done? 

As always, leave me your thoughts and comments in the section below! 

Charlotte x