My Answer to your Home Improvement complaints

My Answer to your Home Improvement complaints

Home décor can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because it makes your home appear welcoming, warm, bright and fun. But if you’re new to decorating, or if you’ve newly bought a house and want to give it a new look, it’s likely that you’ve been struggling with some common home décor improvement issues.

Don’t let these stop your efforts, though. Like with most things, home décor improvement gets easier with practice! But in the meantime here are solutions to the four most common complaints beginners have about changing their interior décor.

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Qualified workers are expensive

Whether you want to get a room painted or to refurbish the bathroom, there’s no denying that professional decorator can be costly. However, before you agree to their offer, it’s a good idea to compare prices and references from a variety of sources. In other words, don’t just invite your neighbour’s cousin to work in your home if you’ve got no proof of their skills. Additionally, while there are essential improvement works that need to be done by qualified professionals – plumbing and electricity are the most common cases – it’s likely that with a little bit of practice you’ll get a brilliant result painting or tiling your bathroom.

In fact, you can save a lot of money by doing most of the easy tasks yourself, without systematically losing on the quality of the result.

I can’t walk anywhere

So, you’ve decided to redecorate the bedroom, and now your home is filled with piles of loose clothes from the wardrobe, while the mattress is propped against the wall in the hall. You have to climb above the wardrobe to get to the kitchen, and you’re sharing the bathroom with a chest of drawers. Here’s a question for you? Why don’t you don’t you find a local storage solution? Now Storage is a good place to start, for instance – to keep your belongings while you finish the work at home?

It’s the best way to protect your furniture and items from dust, paint and other damages.

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Everything looks too clinical

So you’ve just changed the room, and there’s no warm vibe from it any more. In fact, even though you’ve bought new furniture and décor items, the room feels cold and impersonal. That’s probably because you haven’t picked the right kind of furniture for your personality. It’s crucial to mix styles and age as you furnish your home. Otherwise, you incur the risk of turning your home into an artificial designer’s space, which looks good in pictures but doesn’t reflect who you really are.  

I can’t even choose a colour

Most people choose colours in shops or on paper and are disappointed by the results at home. That’s why you need to use sample pots to apply the paint on the wall before you make a decision. Firstly, any colour will appear slightly darker on a magnolia base; then the light effects will also change its definition. Finally, you need to use the sample on multiple walls, and always paint the second coat to see the finished result.

Home décor improvements can be tricky; there’s no denying it. But you’ll find that knowing some of the planning tricks to ease the decoration process can make a great deal of difference.

Charlotte x