Basic steps for getting started as a blogger

Basic steps for getting started as a blogger

Blogging no doubt, is a fantastic hobby. For some lucky few, it can turn into a well-paying side-hustle, or even a full-time job! There are many people that would like to try their hand and get into blogging, but aren’t really sure of where to begin. It can seem pretty daunting to imagine your words being thrown out there onto the internet to be read by the world at large, so it’s understandable.

If you’re interested in getting into blogging, these straightforward tips can help you to get started.

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Identify a specific topic you’re interested in

Writing about things isn’t half as much fun if you’re not really interested in the subjects you’re covering, so blogging about something you find genuinely interesting is a fundamental first step in the whole process. This may seem self-evident, but it sometimes happens that people feel obliged to write about the topics they’re most knowledgeable on, rather than those they’re most interested in.

Many your job involves you dealing with marketing calls, so you know a lot about how to do that, but what you’re really interested in is writing about poor credit homeowner loans. In this case, write about the loans. You can always research your blog posts to make up for the gaps in your knowledge.

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Set a regular writing schedule

People who write for a living — from copywriters to some of history’s great novelists — know that you can’t wait for inspiration before sitting down to write. Sometimes you’ve just got to force yourself into that chair and start typing until things fall into place, whether you feel like it or not.

Having a regular writing schedule is one of the best things you can have when running a blog, and publishing posts on a routine basis is also essential for maintaining your blog’s readership.

Some people like to write three blog posts on Sunday and publish them during the week; others like to write at a certain time each morning or night. Whatever your preference, begin a regular writing schedule and stick with it. The habit will become automatic with time.

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Familiarise yourself with good SEO practices

While you might just be writing your blog for yourself, or your closest friends and family, it generally can’t hurt if your posts reach a wider audience. Of course, if you want your blog to begin generating revenue at some point, maximising your readership should be one of your key concerns.

Aside from producing consistently high-quality content, and advertising your posts on the appropriate social media channels, increasing your blog’s visibility is largely a matter of knowing and applying the best SEO practices.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and includes practices such as keyword research and use of links to boost your content’s position on Google’s ranking algorithm. SEO is a bit of a science in and of itself, but you can easily familiarise yourself with the basics by reading any one of the wide array of books or websites dedicated to the topic.

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What would be your advice for newbie bloggers? 

As always, let me know in the comment section below!

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