Being ruthless with your clutter

Being ruthless with your clutter

There is nothing worse, and incredibly frustrating than clutter. If your home is riddled with it, you’ll probably find that a) you don’t have room for anything and b) you can’t find anything neither. Clutter can also act as a trap for dust and dirt as well, so the less clutter you have, the cleaner your home will be!

So, if you want to use this Bank Holiday as a time to get rid, read on. Here’s how to be ruthless and cut your clutter.

Rationalise your Belongings

Be ruthless, honest and don’t keep anything you do not need. Look at your items and ask yourself when was the last time you used or needed it. If it wasn’t in the last 12 months then it’s time to get rid of it.

No need to just chuck it in the bin, donate to a charity shop or recycle. If there is real value if your old good, consider selling.  Social media websites like Facebook have the option of selling within the app, making it easier than ever to shift your unused and unwanted items.

If you need a skip then it is worth looking up why hand loaded rubbish removal services beat skip bins every time, so that you can then dispose of your waste in the best possible way.


People say that prevention is the best method, and this is very true. If you want to stop clutter from building up then every time you bring something into your home, make sure that you take something else out. This rule is great for those who find that they are continuously trying to get rid of clutter and it can also make you think twice before making another purchase and spending money you don’t necessarily have!

The Box Method

Are you a hoarder and hate getting rid of things? Te box method might be th way forward for you. The box method essentially includes you putting all of the items from one room into one box. You then pull out the items as you need them.  Whatever is left in the box after a month is clearly not something you need. Donate or chuck, it’s up to you.

Beware of Storage Units

If you have a storage unit then this may seem like the best way for you to get rid and organise some of that clutter. The problem you may then find is that your storage then becomes clutter too. Storage can be your friend when it comes to decluttering your home, but if you aren’t careful it can easily work against you and it can cause you way more problems as a result.

Charlotte x