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Building the bed of dreams

Building the bed of dreams

Some of us don’t pay enough attention to our bed, but we should. We spend a third of our lives in bed sleeping – it’s an important place for us all. Making some upgrades could make it a more comfortable place that encourages better quality sleep.

Here are just some features to consider when building the bed of your dreams.

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The frame

Bed frames come in all shapes, sizes and materials. You’ll generally pay more for something sturdier, but aesthetics can play a big part to. If you like your furniture traditional, you may value a grand bed frame with an ornate headboard and large bed posts. If you find headboards and footboards get in the way, you may prefer to buy a bed base only. Some bed bases can come with built-in storage, whilst others are adjustable allowing you to sit up in bed.

The mattress

A mattress is the most important component when it comes down to comfort. Your mattress should ideally be changed every seven years, after which point a mattress could start to lose it’s springiness. The type of mattress you want depends largely on your personal preferences. Hard mattresses can be better for those with back pain, but some people may still prefer soft mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are some of the best, containing a thin memory foam layer on top and springs below so that you’re getting that soft sinking feeling and hard support at the same time. You can even buy heated mattresses.

The sheets

Comfortable sheets are also really important. The likes of Egyptian cotton are often favoured for being tough and smooth and are the material you’ll find in many hotel rooms. Silk sheets meanwhile can prevent bed hair and keep you cooler in summer, although may get cold in winter. Experiment with different sheet materials to find one that appeals to you.

The duvet

There are all kinds of duvets to choose from. For the winter, you’ll likely want something thicker filled with feathers or microfibre. For the summer, something lighter may be better. You can also consider blankets and quilts for something even lighter than a duvet. Having a blanket and duvet on the bed allows you to switch between the two easily in the middle of the night if you get too hot or too cold.

The pillows

Comfortable pillows are also important. Some people love multiple thick pillows, whilst other like a single slim pillow. It’s important to find the right filling. Feathers can provide a springy filling, but some people are allergic or find these uncomfortable. Newer materials include memory foam and microfibre. On top of head pillows, you can also buy various orthopaedic pillows for supporting the neck, back or legs. Pregnant women can even buy special pillows to prevent rolling on one’s front or back.

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