Cleansing your home can cleanse your mind

Cleansing your home can cleanse your mind

When you have a clean home, you mind and soul instantly feels lighter. Mess around your home just stares you in the face, and it’s even worse when somthing is out of place or without a home. An organised home is an organised mind and with life as stressful as it is, it’s not always easy to keep things in order.

To really feel like you mind, body, home and soul is at ease get the best out of your possessions, and keep your home clean and tidy. If you want to know more, stick by. I have the top hacks that will allow you to have a cleanse and de-clutter for your home, and mind.

Dig Deep

Do you really need three staplers in your home office? What about six copies of the dictionary? Clutter slows you down in everything you do. Thining out your possessions will help clear space and make your home much easier to use. Invest in bin hire and chuck out the un-neccessary and duplicates. There is always more than you anticipate so be prepared to dedicate a day ot two. Dig deep and be ruthless.

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A Place For Everything.

Once you have an idea of how much stuff you actually have, you can start to put things in a place of their own. Keep things in logical places; makeup in the bathrooms, knives in the kitchen, etc. Think carefully on the storage you use and be sure to use it wisely. Try and not ram things into small spaces, as it can make it once again feel cluttered and messy.

Paperwork Volcano.

If you’re someone that keeps paperwork on surfaces everywhere around the house, it’s time to adopt a proper filing system. Don’t put things down ‘for later’ because you know that later never happens! Keep all the important things together and get it all put away as you get them. Shred all personal details off letters and receipts.

Ask Yourself Why?

Weall have bits and bobs that for whatever reason, we really don’t want to get rid of. If you really want to hang onto an item of clothing from twenty odd years ago, ask yourself why. Ask whether you plan to wear it in six months and if the answer is no, get it in the bin!


Clutter can often be made up of odd items that honestly, has no place in your home, but hold something sentimental and special in your heart. Evaluate them carefully. Don’t throw because you have to, but don’t keep hold on to it for the sake of it either.

Evaluate items individually before deciding whether to keep them and organise some storage for larger items that don’t necessarily fit with the décor in your home.

Remember, the items that you have around your home reflect your personality. You really want to avoid your home representing a personality of mess. Everything you own and showcase in your home should suggest a positive message. This can play a huge part on how you feel in your mind.

Charlotte x