How YOU can create the perfect bathroom, with these small improvements!

** AD - This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own** 

Bathrooms are sooo underrated. Especially when you really consider the time we spend in them and what we use them for. Whilst we many not take too much notice on our bathroom when re-decorating our home, its a great place to showcase colours, shades and gorgeous accessories.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom and make it shine, read on. I have everything you need to know in one single post!

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Pick a style

Bathrooms can come in many styles. Whether it be classic, modern or traditional. Traditional bathrooms suit large open spaces and often include roll top baths and pedestal sinks. Classic bathrooms differ as they are the timeless bathrooms, offer a mix of contemporary and clean lines. Classic bathrooms are great in any size of bathroom and include free standing furniture basins. Modern bathrooms in themselves can offer a variant of style including industrial, quirky, elegant and light.

Before you pick a style, consider the size of your bathroom and what you want in it. A small space will benefit greatly from modern tones and pieces. A large and rather over sized bathroom could lend to a classic bathroom with large pieces.

Colour scheme

Your style, which you should have established, will reflect greatly on the colour scheme you start to inject in your space. Consider a colour palette of different shades that will compliment the pieces you will include in your bathroom. A light coloured suite works well with a dark colour palette. Alternatively, a dark suite could do with a brighten with the paint and accessories it sports.


Tiles are a necessity in any bathroom – obviously. Although every bathroom has tiles, not every bathroom does it well. Whilst bathroom tiles may seem like a pretty easy purchase, there is lots to consider before making a quick buy.

With bigger, and larger bathrooms, really research into the size of tiles you should use.  If you want to cover a large area with less tiles, consider the large and rather plain but shaded tiles. They can look great in a large space, and easier to apply to a large area. If you are looking to accentuate the true size of your bathroom, consider smaller tiles. It will be a rather large job to apply, but it will be worth the space and grandeur they can create!

If you’re using tiles as a small splash back, consider patterned tiles. They can look superb behind bathroom sinks and really create colour in the blandest parts of your bathroom.

Patterned tiles can also be used in moderation, beside large and simple tiles as borders or ‘features’. They can add such colour into your bathroom, and really compliment your suite.

Be sure to purchase sample tiles to take home and try in your space. Light can offer a real insight into a tile and whether it will work in your bathroom. Never be scared to experiment.


Bathroom storage is so important. Bathrooms, whether big or small, tend to lack on real storage. Make life easier for cleaning, and living, by giving yourself plenty of storage for clean towels and cleaning products. First port of call would be under sink storage, storage cabinets and towel rails. These are all things that should be thought of whilst purchasing or re-doing a bathroom. With ample range of sinks with built in storage, or shelving, you will surely find something to suit your bathroom, whatever the style.

If you are lacking in floor space, consider picture rails or shallow shelving. You want to steer clear of anything over sized on your walls, especially in a small bathroom. Open shelving, when styled effectively can really add something extra to your bathroom. Use storage baskets and boxes to hide unsightly products.

Knick Knacks & Pictures

This is the real fun. The small knick knacks and general decor within in a bathroom can completely over haul your room. Vases, dishes and themed ornaments can all be added to open shelving, bathroom counters and sink tops.Always consider small, petite pictures for your bathroom walls. Once again they can add some real charm and character into your bathroom. Choose large and colourful prints and canvas’ if you want to cover a large area, or add some extra tones into your room. 

All these small decor bits and bobs can add real character and charm into what could be a very bland bathroom. Be sure to hunt your local supermarket and home stores for the latest in bathroom decor including nautical themes and rustic charm.

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