EASY DIY Hacks to try today!

DIY. It’s the kind of thing that seems like an excellent idea at the time, but then halfway through we suddenly have an epiphany of how much work and hassle it is to do! Sadly, it’s pretty hard to make your home as decorative and desirable as possible without out it!

Whether your are looking to do some simple tasks like painting or hanging pictures, or more tasking upgrades like upcyling, I have just the hacks that can make doing your home DIY that little bit easier, keep reading to find out what they are.

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Hanging pictures

How many times have you moved into a place only to leave picture hanging for as long as possible? It’s not that it’s a time-consuming job per say, there’s just a lot of potential for it to go wrong, something that can leave you with a bigger mess than you started with!

Luckily, before you reach for your hammer, nails, and power drills why not consider this simple hack that can make your life much easier? It’s using glue dispensers that position strong adhesive dots to the wall that will hold up posters and small pictures. It’s super quick, less messy, and it doesn’t leave a great big hole in the wall that you have to skim over when you move out, making it perfect for folks that want a decorative and desirable home with the minimum of effort.

Repainting doors

The next DIY tip is all about saving you some serious time and effort on repainting the woodwork in your home. Naturally, from time to time these areas begin to look less than pristine, but instead of taking a brush to them all, why not just give them a good clean first?

I don’t mean with a duster, but with sugar soap or a magic eraser, as this product with lift off a very thin layer from the surface of the paintwork. It is this layer that is usually what all the dirt and grease is sticking too, and so by removing it, you are left with gleaming paintwork without having to go through the hassle of actually repainting anything.

Upcycling items

Next, as space is at a premium in most homes anything that can be used to organise and store things better is a good idea. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and buy brand new items or even builds such things yourself.

In fact, there are plenty of things around the home that you can simply upcycle to improve home organisation. Try using a wine rack for rolled towels, or old door or cupboard handles as hangers for towels and clothes. You can even use an old CD tower on its side fixed to the wall as a makeup, or kitchen utensil organiser too.

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Create furniture from pallets

Lastly, don’t forget that while some folks are happy to while away their free time creating pieces of furniture to display in their home, you don’t have to.  In fact, you can use the pallet hack to create simple furniture for inside or outside that take barely any time or effort to create. Check out the video below for directions and inspiration that will truly help you create a decorative and desirable home.

Hopefully, these rather simple hacks on some DIY ventures will give you the boost of confidence you need to embark on better for your home!

Do you have any DIY hacks that I should cover? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.