Finding your Blogging spark

Do you sometimes feel like you go through your day, week, month or even year without a spark of something? Spark of something new, exciting or even challenging?

Let’s be honest, life can be pretty boring, especially if we live to work, and generally just look forward to the weekends and day’s off. I have previously mentioned in other posts, my desire to have more during the week.

I have made it┬ámy mission, this year at least, to get more involved after work and on the weekends. The change in scenery, or the uptake in a new activity can really change the prospect of a working week, and help make the week feel like more than a spree of working hours! I feel like I have a new found spark within me to make the most of my time, even when I could tell myself I should laze around on the sofa because ya’ gal worked 8 hours today!

So, if you want to transform your week days, make the most of the lighter evenings, and get your own spark, read on. I have something for everyone!

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Find a Hobby

Always wanted to do pottery? Fancy learning a instrument? Want to scratch up on your Spanish? Jump on it. Start that hobby. Do It! Now has never been a better time for you to undertake that new skill and polish it up. Just embarking on your new found hobby once a week will give you something else to focus on during the week, and can help you unwind after a long working day.

Join a class or team

This perfectly leads on from your hobby. Whilst your hobby can be something you do on your own, in your own space, or something you go and enjoy every weekend, there is always something to be done together, with others. Consider joining a yoga class, pottery or music lesson. If you’d rather something more team, consider joining your local football, rugby or basketball team. These are great reasons to get out of the house after work, and will be a commitment to take your mind off working life.

Plan ahead

Sometimes it is lovely to have a spout of unplanned and un-organised weekends, or days off. But we all know how nice it is knowing we have something planned, whether it be fun, different or even productive. Plan ahead your weekends and gatherings with friends and family. Pencil in dinners, drinks and day’s out weeks in advance so you can prep, save and utilise your unplanned days too!

Be a member

Become a member of a gym, bingo hall or even a cinema. Being a member of something will probably cost you something a month, meaning you’ll want to use and take advantage of it whenever you get the chance! Cinema memberships are great if you and your other half want to get out and about, without having to be too active!

Charlotte x