Get your home summer ready – Second Edition

Get your home summer ready – Second Edition

Since the last edition of my Getting your home summer ready went down a bloody storm, I thought I’d re-visit and update just a little. Spring is here and we have felt the full force of sunshine and lovely weather. With that, we are all pining for the ever long feeling of warmth. At least we want another heatwave armed with paddling pools and a six pack of cold beer!

Nothing quite compares to it, but the problem with the hot weather is that you never really know when it is going to come around. You may be sat there in the miserable rain, only to have a huge heatwave the very next day. British weather for you! For that reason, you always need to be prepared and you also need to make sure that your home is as ready as it can be.

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Getting the Garden Ready

When the sun comes out, you want your garden to look somewhat presentable. Don’t be afraid to start working on your garden and even consider hiring a landscaper to try and tackle some of the big jobs. This is a great way for you to make sure that everything is perfect make sure you have a space perfect for summer evening gatherings. Go here to see how you could upgrade your patio space to make it really special, and useful.

Of course, no garden would be complete without a good set of table and chairs, because when summer does come along you know full-well that a BBQ is always on the cards.

Air Conditioning

There is nothing worse than a super warm and uncomfortable home. An air conditioning unit is a great way to keep you and your home cool this summer. And you’ll be super surprised at how easy it is for you get one installed. If having a permanent unit is a little too much for you consider getting a portable one. They don’t cost nearly as much and it could make all the difference to your level of comfort when the next heatwave hits.

Empty the Freezer

There’s nothing worse than having a heatwave, only to find that you don’t have any room in the freezer for some ice-lollies. It’s best to make room before the next heatwave hits, so clear out as much of the freezer as you can. Defrosting your freezer can do it a world of good, and free up a little more space. Remember, any fresh food that has been frozen needs to be used in a month. Chuck out if it’s over! 


If you have a BBQ then there is a high chance that you won’t have cleaned it out for quite some time. You have to make sure that you scrub the whole thing down and if you have a gas canister you’ll want to check this as well. Cleaning and prepping your BBQ before needing it will make a life a whole lotta simplier when the unexpected heat wave hits on an evening!