Heres how you can have the ultimate night in

We can be pretty lazy when we want to be. Literally, me and Ali would choose a night in with Sky movies, sweet treats and duvets any day. Unless we were being invited to Five Guys and well, nothing competes!

They say Netflix is changing the way we consume and enjoy movies, and too ruddy right. More over, cinemas are smelly and rather uncomfortable places. It’s best to grab some mates, popcorn and your remote. Ultimately, we choose our TV screen over a cinema one any day! And rightly so. You can create the most perfect night in from the comfort of your own home with your duvet set and it can cost you much less than the price of a cinema admission.

So what you waiting for, make this weekend one to enjoy at home with my Ultimate night in check list post, in collaboration with hd televisions panasonic!

Grab dinner

And nothing that includes any making of your own. A microwave meal is the best choice, but anything that is slap and dash will do the trick. We’re not on Masterchef, so don’t worry about impressing. When we have a night in, we tend to grab a nice meal for two in Waitrose. Our favourite is the Asian with Green Thai Curry – Delish.

Failing that, hit up your favourite take-away house for a curry or pizza. Nothing goes hand in hand better than Pizza and movies!


These are a must. Nibbles of any kind, whether healthy or dirty in calories and sugar. I cannot have a night in without some good old Reece’s, Ben and Jerrys and a cold can of Coke. If you are feeling adventurous, consider making your own baked goods including my favourite Mars Bar Cake. If you want to be good, grab marshmallows as they are sweet on the tooth but low in calories.

Comfy set up and Pjs

Now you’ve gathered everything you need for a ultimate night in, settle in and comfy down. The best snuggle spot includes ample cushions, blankets and duvets. The best movie attire includes sloutchy and comfy slacks, loose fitting t-shirt and of course a hoodie. Be sure to keep a cushion handy, especially if enjoying a scary movie!

A Pamper or two

Yes, even when binging on the latest TV series, there is still time to pamper yourself. In fact, there’s no better time considering you’re just lounging. Grab a face mask, deep hair moisture balm or feet moisture mask. Whatever way you decide to pamper yourself, why not do it whilst enjoying a good movie or two?

Choose your watch

This is arguably the hardest decision of the whole night in. Choosing your watch can be so hard, especially when there is so much choice on the likes of Sky Movies, Sky Boxsets, and Netflix. Whatever mood you’re in, your bound to find something. Recently, we have been binging on Big Little Lies and all series of Great British Bake Off on Netflix! Movie wise, we still have La La Land and Hackshaw Ridge to enjoy.

So there we have it, the way to my heart and the perfect night in. There is literally nothing more refreshing than a night in with your gal pals. Natter with some magazines if you have to. But it’s always best to choose your telly over a cinema screen any day!

What do you enjoy when having a night in?

Any tip for those having a saturday night relax?

As always, leave your comments and thoughts below!

Charlotte x

*This post was made in collaboration with hd televisions panasonic