How to find time to create banging blog content

Blogging may be your full-time job, generating an income, or it might just be a hobby you are passionate about. Either way, there’s little doubt that its extremely time-consuming. Writing and researching content, shooting images, alt-tagging posts, publishing and promoting – there’s a lot to this activity.

Little wonder then that people are always wondering how to make more time for it. It doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day for all the activity you need to get through, especially once you take account of jobs, other commitments and some social life.

So how do you keep on creating fresh content if you’re constantly on the go? Let’s find out shall we?

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Keep Track of Your Ideas

Inspiration can strike at the funniest of times – you may be having a conversation and hit on the ideal topic for a post, or just about to drop off to sleep when a great idea hits. You may even find that all your best inspiration comes to you in the shower. With me it always does. Now, how often have you had that spark of an idea, only to find that when you sit down to write, your mind becomes a blank? The trick is always to be able to take note of great post ideas as and when you have them. Using a digital notebook like OneNote allows you to quickly jot down ideas at home, on your smartphone, tablet or desktop, and access them when you need them. If you really can’t get started, try finding a list of blog topics and putting your own spin on them.

Use a Framework

If your problem is not coming up with ideas, but keeping your writing on track, it can be useful to set and stick to an established post structure. This frames your thinking and ideas and gets you on track and down to the most important part of the task – the actual writing. You could experiment with numbered posts, or reviews that use set sections. Don’t think of this as a limiting device – it frees you to concentrate on the words.

Schedule in Time and Space

If blogging isn’t your main occupation, and you aren’t making progress, then you need to get stricter with yourself about creating time and space for it. The only way is to schedule an appointment to create your content and stick to it like you would any other diary commitment.

Try to find a place where you always carry out your blogging work – use a storage service such as to bust clutter and create a corner where you can concentrate on your writing work. Set aside an hour in the evening and let everyone know that’s when you’ll be working on your blog. Claw back the time you waste watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram – life is full of those odd pockets of wasted time when you look for them.

Blogging can sap all your enegery, and your time just like everyother job, hobby or chore. The real art is balancing your time and energy across all the various aspects of creating and maintaining a online site.

What do you do to keep on track?

Any advice I should add to the post?

Let me know and comment in the section below!

Charlotte x

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