How to support fellow bloggers

We all know how hard it is to establish ourselves within the blogging world. We all know how hard it is to create, engage and maintain an audience! So when we receive likes, comments, views and praise we take it whilst we can!

But why is it soooo hard when we have a pool of fellow bloggers who are all in the same boat? Because we all think we are better! Unfortunately, it seems the blogging world is becoming more and more selfish.

And yeah, pal, you should look after number one. But, why when we can all help build each other up? There are so many ways to help and support fellow bloggers with little to no effort. So, here’s a few things you can do to help and show the love to fellow bloggers!


Yah. Follow and don’t be the arse that unfollows straight after the follow back. We all see the follow unfollow warriors and it just makes it a pain in the arse. You will not gain more traffic, you will not build a fan base. You will piss people off.

Follow fellow bloggers and engage with their content.


Engaging with fellow bloggers often includes a simple retweet. It can be so helpful to the blogger and create a real buzz over that post they slaved in creating. Retweets can also encourage new followers to their account which is ever helpful!

Retweet and show the love. Honestly, how long does it take?

Link in your posts

I LOVE reading blog posts that guide me to great content I may not even know about. There is plenty of room on the web for all of us, so spread the love for posts and content that has inspired or affected you! Weekly or monthly roundups of the content you have been loving can help massively on those bloggers, and creates great content for you too!

Feature in your insta stories

Instagram is quickly becoming the jewel in the social media crown. And an impressive follower count on there can impact hugely on blog traffic and opportunities. Love an account? A blogger creates great stories? Let your followers enjoy them too and feature accounts in your insta stories.


Yes, comment! Find the post really useful? Love the outfit they featured? Ruddy tell them. This engagement and praise can help massively in a bloggers confidence and drive to keep going with their content!

Give Credit where it’s due

Have you been inspired to create a certain post? Created your own take on a fellow bloggers series? Give them credit. They have after all given you a new lease of life in a post, and deserve to have your readers engage with their content too!

We are all fighting for the same space when in reality, there is plenty of room for us all. We just need to learn to credit and help each other a little more than we do!

What do you think?

Could we all do with being a little more courteous to fellow bloggers?

As always, share your thoughts below!

Charlotte x

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