Injecting Fun into your Wedding Day

Injecting Fun into your Wedding Day

Weddings can  be known for long, over drawn and pretty bland affairs. And honestly, it’s every bride to be’s biggest fear that guests just won’t have fun. There are many ways you can keep all your guests entertained throughout the day, whatever their age.

So grab a pen and paper, I have all the ideas you need to be at ease that your guests will NOT want to leave!

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Make Fun for the Kids

The wedding reception should never be an event that’s just for the adults in the room. It’s just as important to make things fun for the kids too. So think about what you’re going to do to keep them entertained. The last thing you want is for the kids to be running around burning their excess energy because they’re bored with what’s going on in the room.

Get Your Disco Right

When it comes to fun, arguably the most important thing of all is the music. This is when people get the chance to let their hair down and dance to songs that everyone can agree are amazing. But it’ll only go down like that if you choose the right DJ for your disco. Find a wedding disco hire company that will take all the pressure off you, and create a playlist that will suit all your guests. 

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Plan Games Ahead of Time

If you’re thinking of using games to keep your guests entertained, be sure to have them planned ahead of the day. Lawn games and giant editions of classic games are really popular on the wedding scene, and rightly so. They will keep your guests entertained through the wedding pictures and more.

Consider classic lawn games like boules, croquet and jenga to please your guests whilst outside in the sunshine. 

Ice Breaker table games

This is a great idea when wanting to make sure your guests mingle and chat to those they don’t know. Creating games on your table will make sure your guests are chatting amongst themselves, as well as having unprecedented fun!

Create a Quieter Lounge Area

This might not sound like the most fun thing in the world, but for some people, the fun of these kinds of gathering comes from being able to chat with people in the family they don’t see very often. Creating a quiet lounge space within your reception that is for people who want to get away from the music and the other things that are going on will work wonders. It will never be empty and will give you somewhere to get a quiet five! 

Keep the Speeches Short

Finally, you should try to keep the speeches as short as they can be. This is something that most people get horribly wrong when they’re putting together their wedding. It’s so easy to let people ramble on and on, but it’s not great for everyone. You might enjoy it but most of your guests won’t. Consider having a time limit on your speakers and make them aware they cannot over run.

Weddings in themselves are mostly fun without meaning to be. However, aiding your guests with games, ice breaker trivia games and entertainment throughout your day will work dividends in easing your worry.

What’s the best entertainment you’ve experienced at a wedding?

Are you worried about boredom at your wedding day? 

Be sure to let me know and comment below! 

Charlotte x