Lighting trends to look out for this year!

Lighting is so important in any home and space. We really do take for granted how much impact it can have, including the vibe and atmosphere it can cause. It can literally transform your space.

And whilst we tend to over look our lighting, there is always improvements and redesigns to indoor and outdoor lighting. I am a huge fan of lighting, especially since we really invested in ours throughout our home. Festive Lighting have released some of the superb lighting trends to look out for and I thought I’d delve a little more. With that in mind, here are some of the top lighting trends to look out for this year.

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Gold & Copper

I LOVE copper. Who hasn’t seen a huge uptake in copper in every home interior across the UK? And with good reason. Copper and gold accents work so well in any space or room. Whether it be the bedroom, living room or kitchen, there is always space for some gold and copper.

Matte and brushed gold and copper has never been more popular as the finish on lightings. It’s super versatile and can suite every style of home. With grey becoming the new neutral, gold and copper certainly are here to stay, in every way possible.


LED lighting is growing hugely in popularity and again, for good ruddy reason. Did you know, LED lighting can save hugely on money and energy, and can live much longer than any other light bulb. Not only that, but they are super versatile and can be used almost anywhere in your home, including your garden. So if you want to be easy on the planet and your electricity bills, as well as use colour and shapes in your lighting, choose LEDs this year!

Inside out

In all aspects of interior design, there has been a huge trend of bringing an element of the outdoors in, and that’s extending to out lighting too. Green enamel pendant lighting and chandeliers designed with twisted with branches, twigs and leaves are hugely popular. You can even take it one step further with combining this trend with the brushed gold. Create your own terrarium light, include some twinkling lights, delicate greenery and smoked glass in a gold polygonal frame for a real inside-out feel.

Overall, there are lots of different lighting trends to look out for this year, and to consider when wanting to do – up your home. Be sure to spend time on your lighting wherever you are using them.

What lighting trends are you digging this year?

Think I should be adding a particular trend into my post?

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Charlotte x

This post contains collaborative content from a press release by Festive Lights