Our Easter

As you know, Easter was a week ago! Can you ruddy believe it, because I can’t! We are into the second week of April ALREADY and we have had once again had a bloody good weekend. But let’s get back to last weekend’s antics. The four day weekend was certainly a busy one, including selling my parents kitchen, taking it apart and making 75 wedding favours. Not forgetting our wedding invitations neither, which we put together for sending.

I don’t tend to do much in the way of my lifestyle on my blog, but bum bum bum, since I LOVE my phone camera and become proper snap happy, here’s a picture or two from our Easter Sunday activities.

This year, Easter Sunday was spent with my Fiancée and his family. His grandparents have been down for a couple of weeks, so a good old fashioned walk, and game of boules in the park was gorgeous under the Sunday sun. Despite being April, it was pretty nippy and boggy. If you have ever played boules, you will know how much fun, but pretty tricky it can be. Unfortunately, it was a little muddy, so I had to avoid getting mud on my bargain coat from Primark.

Our early afternoon game was followed by a evening sit down dinner, a natter and of course plenty of Easter Eggs! I love Easter, and the bank holidays. We have nothing planned for the coming two, so lets hope the weather holds so we can experience some more sunshine!

How was your Easter Weekend? 

Had enough eggs? 

I’d love to know what you got up to so share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Charlotte x